To my most favorite man in red in the whole wide world

Dear Santa,

If I’ve been a bad girl, I should get a lump of coal in my stocking.

I haven’t been a bad girl. I’ve been a good girl. I’ve helped many to have a present under the tree and food. I’ve helped animals also. They need to eat too.

I can’t give very much. I haven’t very much to give. If there are two cans of green beans in the cupboard, I give away one. It makes me so sad when people can’t eat. I want to help more.

Dear Santa, I don’t need any toys, except maybe one. If there are toys in your bag for me, please give them to kids who need them. I wish for only one thing, two if we count that toy I will tell you about. Prosperity. When I have more, I can help others more. Thank you.

My toy, it’s not too expensive, I hope. It’s something my heart desires. It’s not too big. There’s room in your bag. You could even carry it in your hand! It’s this, dear Santa:

It’s a tweeter diaphragm. It goes into a speaker and makes music really really beautiful. Santa, I love music so so much, so very much. I miss it dreadfully. I’m crying, I’m sorry. That little piece broke some years ago. Since then, the music has sounded bad, Santa. Very bad.

It makes me sad. Like when my dog died.

Dear Santa, I haven’t the money to buy it. Even though it’s little, it’s expensive! Isn’t that funny? But Santa, oh the joy it would bring to have it. I promise I won’t ask you or anyone to help me put it in! I don’t want to bother anyone.

Please please, I hope you won’t forget me. Coal in the stocking is fine if you have the thing that makes heat from it. We don’t so it’s ok if you give it to someone who needs it. Prosperity and the tweeter thing. These are the happiest gifts I could get, dear Santa.

That’s all, Santa. I hope it’s not too much and that this letter wasn’t too long. I know you’re very busy tonight. It’s wonderful what you do for children!!! And grown-ups, even if so many don’t believe in you. I do, Santa. I love you, Santa!!

Merry Christmas to you, Mrs. Clause, your elves and the reindeer too!

p.s. I forget all their names but you know who they are.


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