Rise and take a bow, Co Q10.

Clindamycin. Coenzyme Q10. Goldenseal. Vitamin C.

With these I begin each day even before I’ve hit the java.

What have they got in common?

All fight or heal tooth infections and periodontal disease.

It’s the coenzyme Q10 I wanna tout.

Tout and spread the word on the healing properties of this compound produced by our bodies and located in the center of cells called mitochondria, where energy is produced.

It’s common knowledge that Co Q10 assists the heart. Did you know, however, that it’s also splendid for the health of gums and periodontal conditions?

Two, three years ago I didn’t know that either. I discovered it during (not infrequent) online research for natural, herbal, nutritional and home remedies for dental disease.

Holistically, strong connections have been found between mouth and heart health (as well as periodontal disease and stroke). Among abundant findings, periodontal disease nearly doubles the risk of coronary artery disease.

And did you know that each tooth is connected to an organ, body part or system? Indeed. It’s all about meridians and flow. There’s a fascinating chart here if you’re interested.

Back to the star. Co Q10. The Internet’s replete with articles, studies, documentation, testimonials and records on the role, value and power of this ingredient, produced by our bodies, in treating dental conditions, from mild to severe, as well as maintaining oral health.

So, guided by intuition in creating a small arsenal to promote healing and recovery, I reintroduced Co Q10 to body.

And not the daily recommendation of 100 mg. More like 500 to 800 mg a day!

The response was immediate. Within an hour of ingesting a megadose 800 mg one day post-treatment, the considerable swelling began lessening.

Not by a giant leap, of course – recovery is gradual, as to be expected; definitely several steps in the right direction…

Each day, beginning with the moments I arise and retire, I injest 100 mg roughly every couple hours. Without food. No stomach upset. No body distress.

Co Q10 has done more to reduce the swelling, restore blood flow to traumatized and deficient areas and strengthen my immune system than any singular ingredient in my arsenal.

Not to overlook synergy … if Co Q10 be the general, and it is, it leads the forces, the soldiers, in the eradication of the “bad guys,” disease and infection, and the advancement toward recovery and green pastures.

Not only is it leader of the pack but Co Q10 has hastened the pace of recovery. It would’ve happened anyhow given the well-designed arsenal of tools, each carefully researched and evaluated intellectually and intuitively before being brought into the fold.

Still. It must be spoken. Coenzyme Q10 reigns supreme!

Sounds like I’m gushing? So be it! In my world, there is no gushing without merit and no praises without reason.

Do not look a gift horse in the mouth. On second thought, do. Because Co Q10 is a gift to mouth and heart. Now giddy-up and get yourself some if heart or teeth are your weaknesses.

Or go onto google to learn about Co Q10, its properties and why it works as it does; to you I leave the footwork.

I’m here to spread the word on this amazing antioxidant (and more). Stand and take a bow, Co Q10, and receive the medal of honor, sir. Co Q10 is powerful stuff. Powerful.

Coenzyme Q10: the power and the beauty, exposed


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