Duck, Duck, Goose! … errr, Crow

I'm not a cutesy kinda girl.

I'm annoyed more than tickled by I Can Has Cheezburger, Cute Overload, most baby pictures on blogs an' stuff.

Be that as it is, the park up the road revealed a sweet springtime surprise:

Those little critters swim fast too! Barely had time to bring them into frame and focus before they were off again, paddling paddling paddling, snapping bugs off the water's surface!

I love to feed the birds, as regular readers know. I had leftover puffy cheeseballs  (note: no relation to I Can Haz Cheezburger) from a potluck so fed the crows who scope out a plot of grass outside my abode deemed their dinner plate.

Such intelligent creatures they are, delightful and amusing to watch as they try try try try to cram cram cram as much as possible into their beaks before liftoff. The last fella tried tried tried for a third cheesepuff; eventually had to be satisfied with two.

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