a “specs-tacular” saga

Remember my new specs?

Guess where they are!

Not on my face.

First they were progressives. But they didn't work with the computer.

So Costco and I switched them over to bifocals.

After two weeks, I got the call.

I picked them up today. I didn't much care for the bifocals on first try. The line's very distracting. The radically different focal lengths are a bit disorienting as well.

With wear, I'd probably get used to that. The line, though, I'm not so sure. I'm willing to give it a try. I much prefer the progressives – with the computer element removed from the equation.

IF the bifocals don't work out for whatever reason, then the only option left is returning to the single-vision lens, which provide none of the needed intermediate correction. Damn tricky these old-lady eyes!

Sure do love the frames!

The nose piece broke as the lady was adjusting it. I had to chuckle because we're in a Mercury retrograde, a time of mishaps, things going awry, headaches, annoyances, delays, mistakes, congestion.

At first it looked like an easy fix. {Mercury retro: a time of revisions, redos, repairs.} She took from the display case an identical frame.

Try and try as she and a second woman did to insert the lens, it proved too tricky. So back to the lab the glasses are going.

It'll be another two weeks before I see 'em again, for a grand total of five weeks "in the works."

At this rate, clearly the only way I'll be able to enjoy these wonderful cool specs is to take this cutout, paper-punch two holes and string it to my ears.

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