so this is aging, huh, blind and fat …

Today I find out exactly how old blind I am.

The last optometrist exam was in 2003. As they say, we ain't gettin' any younger. I'm so so grateful for the birthday check that enables this restoration of clear vision. (I'll be curious to see the effect on reducing headaches and eye strain too.)

Meanwhile, pecan blondies just came outta the oven – and a fragrant and beautiful golden brown they are! For those poor souls unfamiliar with this delectable bars classic, here they are, only mine are about twice as thick and contain chopped pecans instead of the butterscotch chips pictured (chocolate chips are also often used in blondies).

They're for a women's circle potluck later – yuuum! So tonight I return home with a measurement of blindness and fat. (temporarily)

Tomorrow, officially …

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