Don’t hand me your prized heirloom vase. Please.

I have butter sticks for fingers lately.

A week or two ago I lost my pint glass. Slipped right through my fingers as I was washing it.

It was this Lagunitas glass, which made my blog last year. Lagunitas is a brewer in Petaluma, California. I won it in a raffle, along with the poster, during a Brewer's Night at the pub. I'm not lucky at raffles so I was excited and happy, especially since I'm enamored of and endeared to quality beer.

It's the only pint glass I've drunk from for the past year, and, well, the only one I have. Uh, had. I'm probably too much of an anti-stuff minimalist sometimes.

And that's how I am, I form a bond of affection to a certain item and it's all I'll wear or use until it breaks or disintegrates. Just ask my friends about my clothes. I miss my pint. I still have the poster on the kitchen wall.

Then about a week later, I dropped my yellow mug with the butterflies, which also made the blog last year. I wasn't washing it, rather moving it and out it fell and smash it went on the kitchen floor.

Some readers may recall that it took frequent visits to the Goodwill till I found the one that met my criteria. I didn't care for the super-polished look — I prefer the ceramic mug with a handmade look.

It was the lemony sunny yellow that won me over. I got it because it's so damn gray and gloomy where I live. I find myself starving for light and color, especially uplifting yellow. This was my dedicated coffee mug.

I also was fond of the butterflies. You can see a small one floating there inside on the left. He was the solo flier inside. Sorry, the cell phone pic doesn't do the colors justice but you get the idea.

Now because of my buttery fingers, I'm left without a pint glass and coffee mug. I feel lost. Neither the beer nor the coffee tastes the same or as it should in substitute receptacles.

This must be remedied as soon as possible. Which is not a license to buy the first pint glass and mug that cross my path. In fact, I was perusing the glasses and mugs last week at the Goodwill. Nothing sang. I'll return until something does. I'll wait as long as it takes until the right ones appear.

In the meantime, I'm drinking my beer and java on borrowed time.

And, did I mention, looking for a pair of these:

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