The devil’s in the details, not a Chicago pub

Politics schmolitics. I go where the news is entertaining, interesting, offbeat an' wacky.

Which is why there's currently a stack 10-issues high of People and US magazines sitting in my studio.

Lord no I didn't buy 'em! I receive 'em gleefully as recyclables from a gal pal who has the subscriptions.

People mag's how I discovered Yoda.

Two years ago, Yoda was an 8-week-old kitten being passed around in a Chicago bar. His owners were seeking a home for him. Patrons were laughing at him, calling him Devil Cat and Beelzebub.

Along came Valerie and Ted. They'd just lost their cat of some 20 years and were certain they were done with felines.

"When he was passed around, he reached for Ted, crawled up into the crook of his neck and fell asleep. Ted was a goner," she says.

They took him home, gave him the name Yoda after the Star Wars character.

A congenital defect is responsible for the split earlobes, says their vet. They're flaps, not a second pair of ears. "We have actually had people ask if we had his ears cut to look this way."

Yoda's hearing seems normal, she says. He's very affectionate, social and soft-spoken. His purr's inaudible so she places her finger along his throat to feel the vibration.

Yoda was living the quiet life in his home in Illinois. Change ensued when the family son, an amateur photographer, posted his pictures on a photography site. Then arrived the throngs and from faraway places like Australia and England.

Yoda's an unassuming star now.

Bless Yoda and bless his family for taking him in, giving him a good home and remaining low profile rather than casting him into a freak show,

See, there's a lot to be said sometimes for putting People over politics.

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