Prepped for the Pope

They’re not the height of greatness.

But they’ll do.

My new old jeans, bought in the delayed dreaded shopping excursion to the thrift store.

Let it be known: The new old pair in no way, shape or form replaces my faded worn classic Lee jeans with knees of gaping holes {per prior post}, fabric threadbare and seams gradually unraveling.

For starters, the new old pair are Levis, not Lee. For whatever reasons, I like the feel and fit and endurance of Lee over Levi.

Secondly, this new old pair is identical in fit to my second “lesser” pair of jeans, the Levis, which too have holes in the knees though not as gaping as the beloved Lees.

That “holiness” in the only two pairs of pants I wear is ultimately what forced the shopping trip.

Anyone who knows me will confirm that I don’t aspire to look “good” except when circumstances, typically an interview, require me to dig into the back of the closet for that good outfit. My standards of dress are admittedly quite low and defined chiefly by the three C’s: cotton, comfort and color.

However, even when I, self-admitted protégé of Neil Young in the fashion industry, am rankled by my bum appearance, the signal sounds to {gag gag} shop.

Or at least think about it for a good long while.

Incidentally, I hit not one but TWO thrift stores during my day off yesterday for coveted classic Lees, a find that proved elusive.

I’ll keep searching. In the meantime, I now have a fresh old pair of “unholy” jeans that render me presentable and ready to meet the Pope. Well, perhaps not the Pope but at least the janitor who scrubs the Vatican floors.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lexiemom
    May 16, 2012 @ 14:43:00

    What? No pic of the “new” jeans?


  2. fotografzahl
    May 17, 2012 @ 03:23:19

    The Pope has to eat, drink and go to the toilet as anyone else, i.e. he is no different from the rest of us humans (besides his weird opinions perhaps) – so IMHO you are absolutely ready for a meeting. 😉


  3. Flamingo Dancer
    May 18, 2012 @ 03:46:21

    Glad you have the seat back in your jeans – can’t have the Pope too excited!


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