Announcement: Betty Crocker has left the room.

These are cakes you won’t find from a box.

Cakes with eyes ‘n’ thighs (in a manner of speaking) and ties, oh my! Feast your eyes on these cakes with creative cache; from the site that brought you bookshelves last week.

Angry Birds. The sugar should calm ’em right down.

Where would you rather encounter this 200-pound creature, on a serving platter or beneath the deep blue sea?

Mmm & mmmm good!

Lego my eggo! Oopps, wrong product.

Lady Gaga goes gaga over, well, sumthin’.

Eat. THEN take the Pepsi challenge.

Look at the mug. And I don’t mean the boy.

Kill Bill. And celebrate Tarantino’s birthday.

My version if I had to suit up for work:

Back to the Future 25th anniversary. Notice Michael J. Fox there behind.


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  1. lexiemom
    Apr 15, 2012 @ 15:48:14

    These are awesome! I know my 5 year old would LOVE the lego cake.
    This summer my friend, whose son was going through an Angry Birds phase, had a birthday cake for her son that was similar to the first picture you have here, except, it had a complete castle! Here’s the kicker: her mother made it! She’s not a pro, either. It was the most exceptional thing I’d ever seen!


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