Bye Bye (early) Birdie! Now, Fly Me to the Moon!

On the precipice of my birthday on the Ides of March*, I’ve given myself a gift.

The gift of sleep.

(*for shame if you don’t know the literary/historical significance)

Consistent regular restorative rejuvenating sleep. Sleep as it should be and as Mother Nature designed and our biological shapes need.

A precious gift it is too: sleep, consistent and restful.

Not that I know of it from experience of late. I don’t. And it’s because I don’t that I’m qualified to speak and write with eminent authority on the matter.

My job schedule in the kitchen had me all over the map, two days starting at 7 a.m., forcing me QUITE UNNATURALLY out of bed before dawn*, two days at 4 p.m. and one day smack dab in the middle at 11 a.m.

*I’m a consummate night owl. It’s nuthin’ staying up to 4 a.m. It’s a world made topsy-turvy and seriously problematic to be getting up around that time!

If one of you dares whisper “you’ll get used to it” (morning shift/erratic schedule), I’ll have you upside-down hanging by a bedsheet! Don’t think I won’t! It’s always the morning people who say that shit too! Fools of ignorance and arrogance!


Like the waterfall that reshapes stone, so it was with my schedule. First it wore me down, then out. I reached for the Holy Grail that could not be: slumber, regenerative. Sleep eluded like – I was gonna write ghosts but in fact I was in contact with plenty more ghosts in Tacoma than I ever care to live with again! – so eluded like … like a well-paying job.

I constantly ran on empty. When I did refuel, the gauge only inched above E before the cycle of depletion and exhaustion renewed — ironically, all that was renewed through this chapter!

Then something really unexpected occurred. Something I had no way of foreseeing or predicting but is right in harmonious line with that deep inner sense that March would bring big changes experienced since December.

A coworker approached me about a sudden opening in housekeeping. “I wanna see if you’re interested in this,” she said, something to that effect, guiding me away from the kitchen prep station where I’d been since the ungodly moment of dawn.

“If it’s in the morning, I’m not,” I immediately said. Housekeeping starts at 6 a.m., I knew. Seven o’clock was fucking bad enough! I wasn’t about take any position that put me in the workplace even earlier!!

“We’ve been talking” – we being management. “We know you’re a night owl. So Candace in HR has designed the position for you. Come in around 10 a.m. to 6:30. Ten o’clock, five days a week. Are you interested?”

I’d a spilled a puddle of bacon grease on the floor had I been holding a large sheet tray I prepped daily for the giddiness at the prospect of sleep and a later start!

Discussions ensued, shiftings proceeded and in due time — correction, overdue — I was liberated from predawn arisings and erratic schedule!

In the very week of my birthday!

Now that is some. gift.

Consistent regular restorative rejuvenating sleep. Sleep as it should be and as Mother Nature designed and our biological shapes need.

I’ve been in such a continued state of exhaustion, and struggling just to maintain some grip on reality (see prior post), that there’s gonna be a period of adjustment as the mind-body-spirit seek a healthy state of equilibrium and balance.

And that’s what this five-month episode was about: health or the lack thereof. I’m not 18 – and know you’re not either. I don’t bounce back from all-nighters and sleep deprivation and compromised rest like I did in college.

I close with this: With God as my witness, I pray never to have to do the erratic schedule punctuated with predawn risings ever again.

It isn’t me; the toll taken is severe and noteworthy.

So to all you early birds, help yourself to the worms! My mentor, my goddess, my nocturnal point of power ain’t in the soil but above; by honoring her in the deep darkness I honor myself. (You fellow night owls know of what I speak.):


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. cruisekitten
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 12:46:51

    Oh! I am glad to hear a bit of good news!


  2. Karyn @ kloppenmum
    Mar 14, 2012 @ 01:20:25

    I’m pleased to hear of your news too. A 10am start sounds luxurious!


  3. longeyesamurai
    Mar 14, 2012 @ 05:38:41

    Hear, hear!

    Congrats and despite being a morning person myself, I agree with you on the schedule thing. I remember when I was young and foolish juggling 2 jobs (midnight to 8 and 9 to 6) 6 days a week only to crash and fall asleep for almost 48 hours after 3 weeks of that regimen.

    Lost both jobs but managed to keep on to my tattered sanity.


    • allycatadventures
      Mar 14, 2012 @ 08:31:53

      @capra – Lost both jobs but managed to keep on to my tattered sanity. – lol. Lost poor job performance? Or bailed on the need for shuteye?


      • longeyesamurai
        Mar 14, 2012 @ 10:58:59

        Well, the first job was in a convenience store in a subway station, where just missing one shift was grounds to being fired… The other I’ve quit after an epiphany, working in a survey company grated me as it reminded me how I was poorly treated in a similar job.

        The Universe gave me after a couplr of days a foothold in what would become my current “assignment”. So it all worked out, I think…


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