them winds that whistled in winter now roar.

Like a lion, if you stick with the March adage.

For me, it’s been the orangutan.

{inhale} {exhale} Whew!

For the particulars and peculiarities of this work week, not yet over and defined by repeated early shift starts, I feel like I got hit by a mini-van, followed by a big Dodge pickup, to finish off what the van missed!

I’m laid up in a hospital bed, symbolically, head bandaged, bones broken, ribs cracked. It hurts when I laugh or breathe in deeply so don’t tell a joke. The breathing I’ll keep for now.

What day is it? Bleary-brained and -eyed I pause to ask myself. For the date I do not. Why, it’s someone’s birthday! Someone loved and known by me all my life.

Happy Birthday, Sister!

The mini-van and the truck — all work related. I wanna take you back in time. To a post penned in December:

“I’m not gonna get all retrospective about 2011. You’ve got some basics about what went down if you’ve followed the blog. Intuition tells me March’ll bring more big change. Only a few short months away on the calendar and a hike seasonally … March. I’m marking the calendar, more big shifts are in store.”

Here’s what’s to add: At the time that December post was written, I had no knowledge of or plan for the changes waiting. They were strong intuitive premonitive inklings stirring like a fetus first tickling the tummy.

Then wham bam thank you ma’am – figuratively, after the conceptual fact — and outta the blue everything’s changed up! Got not one but two new residences since Jan. 1, the latter being a week ago.

AND a new job. Both within the first week of March!

How’s that for change?!

One day I’m happily living along in a lighted residence. And the next everything’s altered when a dark energy moves in, necessitating a hasty and totally unforeseeable move.

Ditto the job.

One day I’m in the workplace kitchen slicing and dicing and cutting carrots or what have you, minding my own business much as I can mind anything when I’m up at the dreadful dawn — that it’s for menial labor at low pay only pours salt onto the wound — and the next minute I’m being asked by Gayla (of a passing friendly coworker rapport) whether I’d be interested in a housekeeping position that just opened on someone’s abrupt departure.

Just like that. Boom boom. Home and job changed. Each abruptly. Without much in the way of signs or intent.

How is it that I knew in December of the changes that March would bring?

That is of course a discussion better served over a midnight sharing of whiskey or wine.

What I can note, simply, is the difference between initiating changes and being the instrument of change brought by forces greater than the self. What is known as flow.

There’s a time and a season to be the initiator and director. To set goals and take the steps and make the efforts toward them. To proactively and actively engage and create one’s life.

Too, there is a time and a season to be the receiver (or instrument) of a force greater than one’s self. Call it Life, higher consciousness, Spirit, universe.

When in the receptive season, you’re called upon to listen examine and hone and better your responses and responsiveness.

When in the active season, you’re called upon to create and cocreate and act in alignment with forces greater than yourself, ideally.

Such is yin and yang. It’s about balance. The flow of light and dark. The flow between light and dark. Between activity and receptivity.

Which circles back to the start of this post and the changes intuited in March back in a December winter.

How did they come to pass? Why? How is it that I presaged them with no knowledge or plan for them?

Those examinations and answers lie within. What I’m brought back to for public purpose is the marvel of it. Yin and yang. The holistic movement of. The flow between.

So challenging to master in life and gratifying when such balance in motion is accomplished, step by step, challenge by challenge, opportunity by opportunity.

It’s not over. The year’s hardly begun. Don’t get too comfy. Everything’s up for grabs. Nuthin’ stays the same. Lots more changes ahead. Flux may fuck things up. Flow, however, is to be followed. And trusted.

And there it is. On this Saturday. Most likely my final day in the kitchen at the workplace (and if not, damn close). On this March 10. My sister’s birthday.

Five days from mine. Next week begins most probably a new job, smack on the heels of a new residence and precipice of a new personal year. Wow.

I can see it’s gonna be that kind of a year. A kick in the pants. Twists and turns. Brisk surprises. Sudden developments. Wild. Like the bronco.*

Fittingly given my new location (of eight months to the day yesterday).

*Denver Broncos. {football team}

Wow. wee. And what a ride it’s been! Winds that whistled faintly in my soulful ears now roar. Like the ocean. Or the lion. Or this dang beautiful creature!

from here: The orangutan … is startlingly similar {to humans} in anatomy, physiology and behavior. They are problem solvers, advanced tool users, and display a high level of intelligence. Their bodies are very strong and agile.

They are mostly tree dwellers but spend some time on the forest floor. Many scientists believe that orangutan’s walked the Earth for as long as 13 million years. Orang means “person” and Utan “forest” in Malay, thus the orangutan literally translates to “person of the forest.”

Legends say that the orangutan can speak but that they are too wise to allow man to witness them doing so. They fear that if man knew this secret they would be taken from their homes and will never be left in peace to enjoy their happy lives in the tropical rain orests.

The Intelligent Orangutan Totem possesses the following virtues:
Problem-solving skills, long life, spatial perception, agility, survival skills, intuition, travel, wisdom, survival skills, motion, wit, charm, body strength and insight.

{uh huh. not for nuthin’ but in youth my nickname was ‘monkey’}


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. fotografzahl
    Mar 11, 2012 @ 09:44:21

    Good news! 🙂
    One expression that comes to my mind here: Wu-wei


  2. longeyesamurai
    Mar 12, 2012 @ 08:06:25

    Hope the flow steers you away from the many Scyllas and Charbydes that you came across the past few months.

    Else, we’ll have to dub thee Odysseus!


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