this, that ‘n’ the other. the theme of the times.

Very hard to get excited about any potential new job opportunity that’s unrelated to my career.

I’m compelled to qualify that with a deep recognition and awareness of the state of the U.S. economy. It’s terrible. Millions upon millions of people begging for work – anything – to simply survive, to put food on the table and pay the bills. And if you know anything about how unemployment statistics and rates are gathered, then you know the reported figures underreport the actual numbers by 5 to 8 percent.

I know too intimately the pain, despair, desperation, fear and terror induced by a lack of jobs. I was there for three years. It’s said that if you’ve ever been really really poor, you never forget. I know this to be true for myself.

For that which I nearly lost and have survived, I’m in a daily continuous state of gratitude for that which I do have, most especially a job. To be in a black hole and clutch and claw your way out, inch by fractional inch, is a scathing, raw experience never to be forgotten, one that also returns a much-changed perspective on the world, not unlike a near-death experience.

That said — and it’s essential that it be said — I return to the original statement: Very hard to get excited about any potential new job opportunity that’s unrelated to my career, which is also my life purpose.

A coupla days ago I was approached about an in-house opening suddenly made available after an employee abruptly quit. It’s in housekeeping. Hmmmm. Lemme see: kitchen prep/dishwashing or housekeeping?

Do I wish to drink of bottle A, whose method of death is gradual and spiked with hallucinations and delusions? Or bottle B, which returns death rapidly?

With choices like that, the value of life barely taps ground level when ascending from Dante’s pit.

So there’s that and I should know more tomorrow about this opportunity solidifying or not.

Then yesterday’s phone call inviting me in for an interview. A sod company of all places! — that’s a new one for a resume already stacked with odd (not to mention shameful) jobs! — seeking seasonal office/labor help.

Like the housekeeping vs. food service dilemma, completely unrelated to career. Low pay, off purpose and path, the whole nine yards. Make that 109. Correction: 1,009. My journey’s taken me that far off the mark. That’s easy to have happen when living in locations without opportunity AND when survival is all. All.

Absolute all.

March. March. I’ve written on numerous occasions, since December, of a strong intuition of March as a harbinger of change. What they’d look like I couldn’t – and didn’t – know. You just know that changes are brewing beneath the surface. You feel the energy kinetically even if you can’t articulate the outcome.

Well, first there’s the move, one abrupt that I couldn’t have seen coming, in the first days of March. Now, on its heels a coupla job opportunities percolating. None excites. Yet they do suggest change is afoot and that perhaps I need to leave food service (and specifically recent developments).

Dunno. Can’t say. Just reporting the news without prejudice or favor.

I’ll close on that note. Today’s BEAUTIFUL — sunny and 70. Tomorrow: snow and freezing. Gotta get me o’ that vitamin D!

That’s Colorado. Resplendent with dynamic weather surprises! Not unlike my eight months here thus far.

Stay tuned. Big changes are definitely in the air … in the month of March. Toodles, all.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Karyn @ kloppenmum
    Mar 08, 2012 @ 13:37:49

    …interestingly, I’ve been intuitively focussed on March as my month of change too – let’s make it so for both of us!


    • allycatadventures
      Mar 10, 2012 @ 11:56:11

      @klopp – Don’t confuse or equate changes initiated by the self and those initiated by the flow and life force; the first is yang, the latter yin, in simplest terms. I am not making anything so; your mileage in March may differ. šŸ™‚


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