Need a rental in Denver? Bring a backhoe.

I want to move. Need to move. Am trying to move.

And am hitting the same ol’ metro Denver walls of nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4 moves prior.

Lack of response from craigslist posters.

It is endemic, characteristic of and peculiar to Denver. I’m damn fed up and tired of it. Believe me, I wouldn’t be puttin’ up with this nonsense and the swells and bubbles of frustration and disappointments in my fellow man gurgling within were better options available. Better options require money (that I don’t have) and a much better-paying job (that I don’t have). Money is power. It is also choice – brings choice. {Damn those American socialists and leftists purposefully destroying capitalism and casting the wealthy as demons to be destroyed!}


It’s not fun at the bottom of food chain of rentals. My greatest frustration now is Dan. A middle-aged man, financially comfortable, a secure solid career, blah blah blah, all that stuff of the American dream (before current administration), with a room to let in a townhouse that either he’s buying or already owns {he’s that comfortable in life}.

And he’s apparently one big flake. Procrastinator. Indecisive child in an adult body.

The account of our meeting isn’t worth telling. What is is how we left it. I’d pay a second visit with the laptop to ensure Wi-Fi connectivity (a necessary precaution with my 2004 Edsel laptop that hasn’t necessarily the power or juice to cruise the techie superhighway).

I’d call, we’d schedule.

As evidently one of the minority still standing whose spoken word holds value, I’ve called. Left a message. Called. Left a message. Called. Left a message. Called. Left a message. Each time polite. Each time focused on the matter. {at no time mentioning he’s being a thoughtless jerk! haha}


A big fat zero. Zip. Nada. Zilch.

This is not a 22-year-old college student but a 44-year-old man! What possesses an adult with life experience and years under his belt to behave with this degree of unresponsiveness, thoughtlessness and inconsideration?? (unless he’s lying in a hospital bed or lost his phone {unlikely} or some such.)

I don’t get it. On second thought, I do. Such behaviors are rampant, par for the course, abounding, including on craigslist. Especially on craigslist.

This isn’t some anonymous faceless email effort or exchange. We met. Talked. Face to face. I was invited into his house. We proceeded forward. Good lord, can’t ya have the decency and courtesy of returning a phone call!!??

I’m barking up the Tree of Futility. I recognize that.

Unfortunately in this case I must continue that barking far as Dan’s concerned. His rental’s the only one I can afford and meets a smattering of other key criteria.

Way things are going, sleeping in the Subaru is lookin’ better every day!

{I should not joke about that. I’ve been there. Homelessness is no laughing matter.)

In the meantime, I remain stuck in a toxic situation whose end is come. Stuck in the mud of unresponsiveness and rudeness. Stuck in the mud of Denver housing. Stuck in the mud with people from whom you can’t pry a reply with a plea or a prayer.

Stuck in the mud with an acute sense of Denver deja vu.

Looking for Housing in Denver? Good Luck! Bring a Shovel. Better a Backhoe.

Looking for Housing in Denver


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  1. Japeth
    Aug 21, 2012 @ 19:34:36

    I think I’ll go with your advice for thebackhoe rental. I mean, I don’t have to buy one just to use it every so often.


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