Beat a dead horse with hope and still the horse remains dead.

I no longer cling to, bank on or rely on hope.

I didn’t arrive at that overnight. It was a process for sure. A process of hoping for a job, any job, to end three years of unemployment in Tacoma. (Goes without saying of course that supreme and exhausting efforts were made to secure work; you can’t fucking get blood out of a stone if there’s no blood to get!)

A process of weariness at comments of “I hope you get the job. I hope you find work.” They ring trite after a while (a while in this case = three years); if hope, mine and others’, was effective and held power, I’d-a been employed! At some point, I longed for someone to say something more original and truly befitting the situation. Something along the lines of: “Get the hell outta there! You deserve better! You deserve a job! A means to support yourself. Heck, you deserve LIFE!”

No one actually said that. I figured it out myself, it’s water under the bridge. The phrase “I hope …” is used much too indiscriminately. I effectively banned its use by readers here.

Fear not, I drink too of that medicine prescribed. I now pause and give real thought and consideration before writing “I hope {anything}.”

One of the best moves ever made in life and on this blog, the highly discriminating and discerning use and expression of hope. Objective reality supersedes it. Vanished is hope for things impossible. Careful and more importantly appropriate use of hope returns comfort, ease and peace.

Put another way: As there’s no good purpose in beating a dead horse, so it is with hope. You can beat, caress and hug a dead horse with hope and still it remains dead

No matter how dearly you love the animal and hope and desire it to return to life.

Tacoma taught me that.

That lengthy preface said, I saw this online and thought it kinda cool. I might edit “hope” to something else; however, I dig the concepts — not to mention knapsacks! — and post for that reason alone.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. trayflow
    Feb 25, 2012 @ 13:07:28

    Brilliant. I love it!


  2. lexiemom
    Feb 25, 2012 @ 15:42:07

    I HOPE you don’t mean you’ve given up hope…

    (Couldn’t resist…)


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