whistling a happy tune. or at least a changing one.

March March March.

With finger on the flow’s pulse, how long have I mentioned March as the harbinger of change?

And here it comes, March, officially 10 days away, and the winds of change are undeniably in the air.

I will be changing residences.

And I will be changing jobs, if I’ve any say in the matter.

Destination in either: unknown.

There’s temptation to write that life can’t get any more unconventional than it is (and to be fair always has been), can’t get any more pockmarked by rapid upheavals, sudden turns of events, crisis and crap dumped unceremoniously into my lap.

But it can. Or may. Might. In other words, there’s no end in sight to Extreme Upheavals.

Do I expect the next residence to last? Absolutely not! At this point, if it continues for three months without harm or hardship, it’s a veritable eternity.

Six months? Hell, I don’t even go there! Six months IS an eternity when every month or two brings a move.

The job, well, that’s a little different. I’m in the extremely rare chair of having found a job that while **far beneath my capabilities, skills, experience, education, abilities, off-path and utterly career-unrelated** (a whopper of a caveat!) is doable, at times enjoyable.* To a point.

*Credit to a terrific boss and general personnel.

The skinny — speaking of food service employment — is that this job must come to an end. It must not only because to remain only further distresses and delays the purposeful work I need to and should be doing, my health’s suffering. Serious health issues directly resulting from the job that are becoming increasingly harder to ignore. Deny. Endure. Or overcome.

What they are is no one’s damn business (unless I make it so). They are real. They are serious.

They need to go away. To have that happen, the job needs to go away.

In March. If I last that long.

Prophecy is an amazing thing. A gift. A direct link to Source, to God, to Light, to the universe, to a higher power, the Creator. Call it what you wish, it is prophecy that informed me, months ago, in the absence of clues, signs, indicators, plans or expectations, of the significance of March.

It is prophecy that revealed and warned of the direction the house would take upon arrival of a third party.

So far true.

It is prophecy, specifically explicitly communicated in a single dream/nightmare, one dream that shook me at my very depths, that revealed that to come.

It came (though because of the warning I sought to stop it. Some people pooh-pooh messages outside the 3D-realm and their messengers.

What can ya do save move, eh?

How do you explain prophecy? How do *you* explain it?

Does it, in the end, matter? It is.

The whistle in the March winds tell me so.


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  1. Flamingo Dancer
    Feb 22, 2012 @ 02:38:39

    How it all comes true for you!


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