a difference a day makes

It is a new day.

A new day to which each of us awakened. It is a different day. For my dear friend Harley-san, it is a different life.

His wife died last night.

The reason: cancer. The duration: too long when one loved is in pain … when the life force is depleted and hanging to the threads — the threads of morphine droplets– of survival, of existence.

The difference that a day makes in a life. Sometimes that difference is made not by a day but hours or minutes or a minute or a moment, so fleet-footed to escape measurement by mortals’ clocks.

Diane is gone. And just like that Harley’s life is unlike anything he’s known yet is forced to come to know.

To my dear friend of 25 years, my heart is with you, prayers alongside you and your wife and your daughter.

The pain is over. Rest in peace, Diane.


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