moving … forward, onward, ahead

It’s amazing the load of bullshit and crap that can come from one individual to the extent of altering another’s path and course.

A major shakedown is under way at the house … a shakedown in the positive sense. Truths are coming to light, facts being exposed and realities creeping in, replacing out-‘n’-out fallacies, misguided thoughts, wrongful perceptions and, really, lies of a single individual. Unintended though they be, lies are still lies sprung from lousy communication skills and rotten listening. I’d venture to say that the vast measure of problems and conflicts arise not in the talking but the NOT listening.

It’s all so clear now, the source of the shakedown here. All so clear.

What effect will this have on the house, dynamics, flow and move is too early to say. This (and more) I know for certain: Truth is prevailing. Light is forcing back the darkness. Things thrown off course and off balance by a single individual are returning to their rightful cosmic balance.

Once again, only time can tell what the next month is to look like. Tomorrow I’m consulting with someone in a position to truly assist as I trek my way forward through basically another’s bullshit and mud. Big changes at the house, that’s all I can say publicly.

I’m ecstatic that truth is coming to light and prevailing, forcing back the shadows. It’s high time and way overdue that others’ crap stop dictating my life! I may have a chance of emerging victorious in this matter.

Onward ….

You ever know that feeling of having been hit by a bus? Not entirely run over but bruised and battered and carried along stuck on a metal contraption in the undercarriage before some bump in the road loosed you free. And you got up and continued along your merry way, only that way wasn’t so merry, it was just ekeing by?

That person under the bus would be me and that bus would carry on its exterior side the letters: job.

The guinea pig’s running the wheel relentlessly in need of rest and sleep and shall never have its needs met because the wheel’s intrinsically one that exhausts.

So as my house shakes down, so too shall my job, which is to say that it cannot continue. The consequences and impact on health are just too great. This is NOT an invitation to the universe to loose me from it, oh no! … rather written recognition that I must keep moving forward; to do otherwise is to die like a fish trapped in a net.

Occasionally I’ve mentioned March as a significant month, with the scents of change detectable in the air. Call it a hunch, all it intuitive knowing, call it attunement to higher forces, call it whatever you’d like; it’s looking more and more that my gut called it correctly.

Worthy of blog-mention, that.

Well folks, our time grows shorter and shorter with each passing day, hour and posting. I wish you each a good day. Aloha from colorful Colorado, whose skies today are clear aquamarine, clouds patchy and promising snow and the sun … ah, in his regal beauty as ever …

my totem and guiding force, coupled


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. cruisekitten
    Feb 13, 2012 @ 13:00:24

    I am glad to hear truth prevailed. That at least seems of some comfort.
    I continue to read every post, though I often do not know how to respond.

    I pray that March is good to you and that your turbulant life can become gentler for you.


  2. lexiemom
    Feb 13, 2012 @ 13:54:37

    Beware the ides of March…


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