Enter here the liars and their believers.


How easily is man led down the path of brambles into darkness, snatched by the thorns of seeing what he wants to see, believing what he wishes to believe.

The angst of standing in truth and its light and mustered courage to remain by them steadfast even as he spits upon you and the townspeople jeer with sneers of “heretic!” are challenges not for the weak-willed or sheep-like followers.

Here is the day when I am shat upon and spat upon for knowingness and speaking from the divine. It is I, not the person of darkness and deceit, who is cast out. It is I labeled the heretic and not the other the liar. It is I who draws the casting of stones. It is I who is unwelcomed in the house of lies and deceit.

I wander, feet sandled by camel tufts, across dust and dirt awaiting a sign of where I am to go. Wearied by the journey, I pause to rest, to sleep. I drink of a spring and cask holding its contents. I eat little provided in the barrenness, enough to sustain.

And then a night, arcing into a new moon, a star appears in a dream. It speaks to me: “This is your destiny. Follow with a glad heart. Leave your burdens behind in the house of deceit.”

I trust for I am learning to trust, by crawling and by stepping, one foot woven before the next.

Word arrives down the road, out of the now, into the future. The house of deceit went in flames, the combustion self-generated lies, the match a spark of truth.

I was not present to see it.

The darkness of deceit has within it the seeds of its own destruction. I lift my pen to the sky and the star that appeared in my dream and put it upon paper and with scratchy stub and ink write of the house of lies and deceit brought to bear and fruition by a liar and a disbeliever of light and its expression through the skin of man.

The house of lies and deceit. Another experience, another journey, another travel through time and space, place and people, coalescing into (mine) wisdom, human and divine.

The house of lies and deceit: a story of truth, told. Enter there the liars and their believers and step aside the believers in light for it collapses unto itself.


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