When Denver closes schools, it does so for legitimate reasons.

When Seattle closes schools, it does so on a threat of snow (that, if it arrives, might amount to an inch).

You might know that Eastern Colorado’s being walloped by a snowstorm that by its end tomorrow is predicted to dump up to 20 inches in Denver within about 36 hours and earn it a spot in the top 10 heaviest storms in the city’s recorded history; to date, it’s the most snowfall in February in 81 years.

The Plains just to the east are bearing the brunt with blizzard conditions, severely reduced road visibility, a shutdown of a leg of the interstate.

I could expound on the differences and contrasts between snow response and most significantly *attitude* in Denver/Colorado and Seattle/Puget Sound of western Washington (in fact had an entire post penned on the topic); however, with likelihood of minimal interest or caring high, I scrubbed it in exchange for a minimal look of a few snapshots of the wintry world from bone-dry conditions abut half a day ago!

You say potato, I say potato. You see big flowerpots on the back porch, I see mushrooms.

Atticus gets flakey


Atticus looooves watching! He yearns to gogogogogo in the snow!

kitchen window tree

The yellow hydrant just beyond the basketball hoop gives an idea of the accumulation in the past 12 hours; tomorrow the storm tapers off, , no doubt, plenty of good weekend fun for skiers and winter sporters!promising


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