pens? check. paper? check. let us proceed … “prompt”ly

A writing circle.

One fond memory of Tacoma, WA. Some eight women gathered in a sacred circle on Tuesday evenings at Catherine’s Place, a former Victorian (?) house converted into an oasis of serenity, support and community primarily for women.

Morgan was particularly adept at facilitating the group of women who loved to write. Each circle was opened and closed in ritual and blessing. A short reading aloud to inspire and encourage contemplation was proffered, followed by a prompt and 20 minutes for writing wherever it led.

Scribble scribble scribble, the sounds of pens flowing across paper are cellular memory.

When time was up — signaled by an unobtrusive delightful ring of a brass bell on the center – altar table — our pens quieted and voices took their place as each woman who wished to read did so. Responses and feedback were optional and inevitably forthcoming.

The writing circle, after eight weeks, disbanded amongst tremendous sadness and promises to reshape and regroup. Of course it never happened. Occasionally I’d implore Morgan to begin a new circle; she genuinely had other matters on her plate — though ironically she did restart it, AFTER I’d escaped Tacoma!

Anyhow, while I’m not anticipating a “reincarnation” of said circle, tonight’s special for it brings the first gathering of writers and in a format similar: creative prompt, write, share.

I’m terribly excited! I’ve needed, wanted, awaited and sought out just such a group for a long while both in Tacoma and Denver. Finally it’s arrived!

(Which isn’t to suggest I’ve not attended other writing groups but their particulars and purposes weren’t mutually aligned.)

I’ve no clue what the topic d’ jour is … precisely how I prefer it and it should be! I know only that around 15 of us will descend on a very cool cafe at 7 p.m. in an historical Denver quarter with instructions to bring notebooks and pens.

And our imaginations

Actually, Kat, the organizer didn’t so say. I’ll take it upon myself, however, to bring it along. 🙂


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