In the beginning was the Word … trailed (not too far behind) by numbers.

March. My birthday month. Already on my radar as a time not of necessarily spectacular changes and upheavals — thank God! — rather the scent of shiftings detectable in the air.

We’re in a universal year 5 in numerology. I was invited to post about it by an individual dismissive of astrology, rendering the invitation perplexing for its illogic and incongruency for astrology is fundamentally based on numbers.

Oh yes it is! It begins with mathematics. It begins with, you might say, a page like this:

portion of a page from an ephemeris (October 2007).

Behold the beauty!!! Unadultured excitable mathematical beauty!

To one unversed in astrology, it appears just a bunch of numbers and mysterious symbols; to astrological dabblers or professionals, this is where it begins: the ephemeris. Page after page ennumerating the precise degree of every planet in our solar system (name ’em if you can!) and other celestial bodies at any date back to year 0 and prior.

Astronomy and astrology are intimately intertwined and in days of yore, as in astronomy, (astrological) calculations were done by hand. Imagine the time! Not to mention meticulous attention to detail.

Now thanks to advances through time, planetary placements, and their aspects, are easily found in the ephemeris, be it a bound book (imagine a telephone directory of solely numbers and glyphs), personal software or online.

(I’ve a soft spot for the volumes. That’s me. A book in the hand is preferable to a Kindle between palms.)

This post could easily morph into one about astrology, Introduction to Astrology or advanced; for anyone interested, informative sites are innumerable, particularly (formerly, among the most renowned and highly regarded rightfully so).

Despite the temptation, I remain “on topic” (yech! to the phrase) in a post sprung from contemplations about numerology and the 5 Year (begun Jan. 1). While I cannot oblige the (aforementioned) invitation for reasons cited, I can (and will) undertake the research to provide a quality 5 Year analysis if there’s appreciable interest (a raise of hand’ll do).

Relatedly, it’s the (water) Year of the Dragon (as of Jan. 23; plentiful analysis there too). Normally I’m right there with the Asian turns of years; this year attentiveness got buried by excessive work demands and fatigue.

I’d be remiss to not mention it … with a contrite later than sooner and better late than never!

Gung Hay Fat Choy!
(may prosperity be with you)


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  1. longeyesamurai
    Jan 31, 2012 @ 05:26:03

    Count me in for the interested part.

    Hope prosperity shines long and bright on you too!

    “I’ve a soft spot for the volumes. That’s me. A book in the hand is preferable to a Kindle between palms.” This is the sole emotional reasion why I have yet bought something that would be more convenient. The technological reason is I don’t trust anything that can have its content remotely accessed and modified without my knowledge…


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