Dave’s Killer Bread is a slice of paradise.

Like sand through the hourglass … no, like good seeds sprouting, the story grows better ‘n’ better.

After my email to Dave of uber cool Dave’s Killer Bread that included my address for loaves he’ll be sending to replace that stolen by roommates (to uber encapsulate a rather meaningful and significant series of events), this arrived in response:

You really made all of our day over here with your blog. We get a lot of attention from bloggers, but I do not take this for granted. And yours was one of the coolest ever!!

We’ll be sure to weigh heavy on the Good Seed (my fave, too). Would you like a t-shirt, as well?

Dan—copied—will be happy to take care of you.

Dave Dahl–President
Dave’s Killer Bread/Naturebake

I write that I’ve already got the shirt an’ how that came to be — a neat little tale in itself; it also made the blog.

The significance of this series of communications and events doesn’t go unnoticed.

It all began with an email articulating a story of two loaves of treasured bread in a small dedicated space in a box in a single Subaru carload of chiefly items practical and essential transported around 1,400 miles across four states.

All because the bread is that damn good! and unavailable in Colorado.

A story, it continues, about man’s – or men’s – thoughtlessness and inconsideration toward another and sad abilities to consume what is not his or for him.

Stealing through thoughtlessness is still stealing.

And the moment, vivid to this day if not forevermore, when I ventured into the kitchen (of my new place, only weeks in) for a cup of coffee and finding my roommate munching on a sandwich and on the counter the Dave’s Killer bread bag, emptied of its final slice.

“Where did you get this?” is all I could ask, crestfallen, shocked and a little brokenhearted, my head fast dropping into arms cradled on the counter before I gathered my senses and shared with him the story.

It wasn’t just some slice of bread sitting in the refrigerator like he thought. Neither was it his to take but that’s another matter and he did.

A short story (email) shared with Linda of customer service, who not only greatly enjoyed it but promised to forward it to Dave.

And did. Would I’ve trusted that to happen? Absolutely not! Hey, I’ve lived a lotta years. I know how people are. It’s amazing I’ve got any friends who aren’t misanthropists! Be that as it is …

Linda followed through. And Dave, the man himself, arrived, by email, not only rockin’ to my story but posting it on their Facebook page AND generously offering to send a few loaves (!!!) for the story and, I suppose, the way it was told.

An email here, an email there, to Linda, to Dave, a blog post here, a shout-out there … so it went and goes. So it flows.

The message of the many embedded in the layers in this tale beyond the obvious of uber coolness is one I wish to bestow greatly upon human consciousness:

Words have power. If you don’t speak up, nothing changes; nothing is changed.

It’s by expression that the flow of the river is unleashed to find its course.

I’m quite aware of a personal uncommon passion for consumer advocacy and activism (for lack of a better description). I so firmly believe in relationship between consumer and provider and the need – and responsibility – of a consumer to speak up when that call comes, when circumstances dictate proactive expression and action.

I jest that I’m not Ralph Nader’s daughter but I could be!

How the company or person responds isn’t the point or the goal. A lack of response is of course as telling as the nature of the response, from which springs decisions about bringing them a dollar (or not). Express. With no attachment to outcome.

And on it flows.

This experience with Dave’s Killer Bread has only further illustrated and confirmed what I tasted in that first little square toasted sample at a Costco demo some years ago. Rockin’ quality, man. It spoke volumes. No one can produce a product that good without goodness in the heart and commitment to quality. Best bread in the world, if not universe!

That my story, shared by emails and blog, rocked their world and made it to their Facebook page (!) is an honor and privilege.

Look at all that sprung from one simple email to a customer service person unknown at the time, later revealed to be Linda! Not only was others’ wrongful actions “righted” in the best way possible but I’ve dialogued with the man himself AND will soon receive, by these wondrous turns of communications and actions, loaves through generous thought and action.

The power of the pen is mighty and almighty.

Dave’s Killer Bread and its gang ain’t lagging too far behind. All together and told, it’s been good news rising … {how can I possibly pass this up} a slice of paradise, man.


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