all that glitters is (chipped) gold

Back from the dentist with good news palliated by realities.

The gold crown popped off by a caramel can be saved because the chip on the margin does not corrupt or diminish the crown’s seal.

I knew it was close; the dentist with his pick provided the final analysis.

So the crown was recemented on its molar. The downside: The lingual-side chip, which despite slight burnishing remains roughish, rubs and irritates the tongue. In addition, the area remains vulnerable to caries.

Therefore, keeping it clean is of utmost importance (I do anyhow) and close monitoring will continue. In time, the crown may need replacing; hopefully by then I’ll have a better-paying job, insurance or the resources to do so.

For now, the less-than-ideal crown sufficiently protects the tooth, saving BIG bucks; the tradeoff is discomfort.

There’s more.

Yet another crown that’s developed four holes has a limited lifespan. Since I was there anyhow, I had him check it with the pointy probe. Fortunately while it needs to be replaced, it’s not yet urgent. I can only iterate: Hopefully when the time comes to that replace it (along with today’s crown), I’ll have a better job, insurance or the resources.

I’ve said it a million times and will a half-million more before I’m released from Earth: I can squeak by with a mediocre doctor; an expert dentist, however, is an absolute necessity. (Ditto medical insurance, though of course I’ve had neither since 2004.)

If I could mine from the mountains of moolah invested in this mouth beginning at childhood, I’d be one wealthy woman!

Toothless perhaps but comfortable (not to mention free of debt)!

In my case, money talks. Literally.


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  1. lexiemom
    Jan 09, 2012 @ 16:36:16

    I’ve got a friend of mine who had so many dental problems that she had all her teeth pulled & got dentures. She liked it so much, she talked her mother into doing it too. And she is younger than I! Not that I’m recommending you have all your teeth pulled (far from it–that would be a NIGHTMARE to me!). Just sayin…


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