As the World Turns* … As the Ground Settles …

*TV soap opera


The word to describe my new space.

It’s more than the vaulted ceilings and clean white walls lending a temple effect; it’s also more than the low traffic on the road snaking through a residential neighborhood where the children play and adults befriend one another.

It’s also the area, a pocket deep into southwest Denver metro in the direction of the Rockies; factually my address is no longer Denver but a town within the metro (as were my first two residential stops).

I’ve gone from ghetto to upscale in a mere five months!

I sleep soundly here – as soundly as at my former space, if not more. I feel my entire ecosystem, from physical to psychological to psyche, beginning to relax. Tensions are loosening, anxieties quieting, fears of sudden attacks and irrational behaviors … ah well, that may take more time.

The rest needed on so very many levels is within the realm of possibility (she says with overcaution). The flow of my life is sloooowly resuming. Sloooooowly.

I’m blessed to have minimal possessions; it means unpacking and getting things put into their place in an afternoon, which is exactly what I did yesterday. With the room set up — in a very pleasing manner, I might add, that honors my need for tidiness and space — I can begin to turn my focus and energies toward other matters.

Speaking of space, there is: for my stereo and speakers, thanks to one mobile countertop stretching some 10 feet across the room! My speakers have been snug in their box protected by thick styrofoam since July (2011).

As you know if you’re a regular reader, the tweeter diaphragm of one is broken and needs a replacement, now doable thanks to generosity from Santa. 🙂 Turns out that my current roomie and I have a lot in common, including a passion for music.

My heart goes into a pitter-patter frenzy at the impending replacement of the part to be ordered anon! Like I said, the flow of my life returning slooooowly.

I can’t say what 2012 will bring. Who can?!

You’ve heard of initiation by fire; mine, in {growing} retrospect, is initiation by madness. I trust that in time, possibly as early as mid-2012, it’ll make sense (it being the madness of others and supersonic upheavals).

For now, I’m taking in the quieting of the shockwaves while marking, tomorrow, the six-month anniversary of escape/departure from Tacoma/Washington. Man, it’s been a ride on a bucking Bronco!

Denver Broncos*, by the way, suck! That is another post!

Hasta luego, all .

*football team


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