hello to 2012, goodbye, dear house

The first words of the new year. What would I like them to be?

Peace and prosperity. (?)

Fun and abundance. (?)

Fun, friendship and abundance in all that is needed and that I need, aligned with my sister’s message in her card.

Fun, friendship and abundance in things needed and that I need. Fine words to begin a new year! I’ll take ’em!

I’m a fairly firm believer that whatever’s going down at midnight of New Year’s Day presages the theme and color of the coming year.

If that hold true as it so often and consistently has, then I’m in for a ride! 2012 will be a year of gaiety, laughter, friendliness, new connections wild, weird ‘n’ wacky!

After the glumness, despair, desolation and darkness of location prior, those good qualities of living can’t happen too fast or soon. I’ll take ’em with gratitude and relief and truly in the spirit of a new beginning and unfolding of fresh chapter and life.

My thoughts continue to flash to a support group (meaning starting one) for survivors of the economic holocaust of America and other extreme hardships or traumas. Many could be found in shelters, I imagine, regular people who’ve faced and are facing dire conditions not of their making who can barely stand, never mind walk, who are truly suffering and hurting.

Anyway, I won’t follow that thread too deeply into the tapestry; they’re continuing thoughts and therefore mean something.

Last but not least, in the wee hours after NY Eve’s festivities, upon entering home, I felt, and feel, my spirit in this house.

This is my final post and writing in this house that I have called home in a peculiar transitory manner. No more writing seated at the high black cafe table, Colorado light beams pouring in through the window at my left, the snowy field and soaring Rocky Mountains before me, open spacious sky so clear and blue that my heart weeps in gratitude, celebration, relief and continued cleansing of the past with healing.

I shall miss this place, the house, which speaks to me.

It’s speaking now. “I’m sad to see you go too.”

I bid adieu to a fine dear house, sadly.


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