Oh come all ye faithful …

She did.

And because she did, some 1,400 miles to end a journey of darkness whose only conclusion was illness and death and restore, recover and begin anew, a Christmas just as she would wish and have it, bright with sunlight and snow and finger-cracking wintery dry chill, was had.

The faithful came to Colorado, wept and rejoiced for the journey and the birth.

My Gift to You

It is truly hoped you partook of my gift to you (via link in prior post) created and made possible by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir gifted in turn by the mighty powers.

It’d be my loss, the reduction in spreading of musical cheer, and yours to miss if only for brief moments in one day in a year song glorious, and if not by the MTC, then someone.

Cheers! (Not the TV show)

I’m of good spirits and cheerful tidings.

My first Christmas in Colorado is positive, memorable and a success! — a day, Eve as well, imbued with the metaphorical scent of pine, cleansing, refreshing, uplifting, full of tears, accompanied by smiles, laughter and comforts. Assorted activities included a volunteer visit to a senior care and rehab center, where I met with men and women unknown to me and some themselves.

My meager income disallowed gifts for the residents, most elderly, many in wheelchairs, some with dementia and Alzheimer’s that shall keep them in residence until they pass. Fortunately, other volunteers with thicker wallets than I arrived bearing gifts a plenty for at least one if not three or four per resident!

The gifts I bore were but presence, a camera, notepad, pen and kind open ear for any who simply wished for a companion and listener for their stories and perhaps a photo of themselves or anything or anyone else in the center to mark the day.

Alas, it was not meant to be. It was a sad visit, yet uplifting, sorrowful yet graceful.

I’ll leave the remaining holiday activities to your speculation. All told and untold, my first Christmas in Colorado was triumphant, with undercurrents of music, faith, discovery serenity and prayer.

And not once did I travel within 10 miles of a mall! Shame on me, lousy American holiday consumer that I am! {rap! rap! rap! on wrist}

Home Sweet Home. Home Sucky Home. Home Sick Home. Who Can Say?

I’ve found a new residence to meet my obligation and houseowner’s instructions to move. A couple more finishing touches before it’s a done deal.

New Year’s Day is the move-out day so I best behave on Eve! Not that there’s any over-the-top in store. New Year’s Eve is mostly a night to stay up really late (as is my nature) with no concern about rising before dawn to work!

Residential pickins were rather slim through the season. The next destination is a quite nice house, spacious and clean (top priority!) and a prime location only several miles from my workplace in a boonies corner of southwest Denver metro.

The downside is that it’s a hike to my work-unrelated extracurricular activities and goings-about, canceling out any savings in commuter gas costs.

After three rounds of roommates who initially appeared normal or at the very least sane before revealing themselves to be certifiably bitter and cruel to whacked-out to plain and problematically selfish and thoughtless (if not also hypocritical as a self-described man of God), I’m loathe to state anything about the next other than he’s not an escaped convict or on America’s Top 10 Wanted list.

Only time will tell – preferably in a voice kinder than has been that of the fates of late.

Moving January 1, now there’s a memorable start to a new year!

Burying the Lead

Santa was good to me. Oh so good! With a card from family is delivered the means to rectify a situation years in disrepair:

the needed new aforementioned tweeter diaphragm, my heart’s desire, can now be purchased!

I am so so joyful and in utter anticipation of returning restoring music to its rightful and needed place in my life!

Only after I’m moved and confirmed with new address and not a moment sooner (a matter of trusting nothing before sight seen) will I order that little device that sits in the palm of the hand and inside a speaker that yet enables and delivers so very much! … music to flow, to ramble, rouse and arouse, to stimulate and seduce, to soar and dip, to soothe, comfort and inspire, to heal and satisfy like no other creative force founded in mathematics and sound on the planet.

I am:


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