food, food and (ack!) a snugger waistband

It’s all about good food and taking care of the residents where I work.

I’ve mentioned that I work in an assisted living facility, a REALLY nice one, the sorta place you’d hope to put a parent if that time came, the sorta place you’d hope they or you could afford because cheap it ain’t!

I could go on and on about what makes this place special, positive and renowned around the country.

I won’t, that’d be much too long. Today’s about: food!


My employment began shortly after a new chef took over and from what I’ve been told the improvements in food, kitchen operations, mood/morale and overall satisfaction are solely and wildly positive.

I could easily feature chef Paul as the star in this post; perhaps another time.

For now, suffice it to say that he brings to the family remarkable culinary skills, experience, knowledge, talents and gifts. He’s a natural in the kitchen from a young age. His impressive experience includes as executive chef and/or manager of upscale casual establishments, being in charge of menus, ordering, schedules and budgets and inspections.

On my part, few are the bosses I like, fewer respect. Chef Paul is in the unique position of both. I’m fortunate to work with and under a man who isn’t a dick, particularly in an industry rife with ego, arrogance and the likes of chefs Gordon Ramsays.

I’m blessed to work under someone with my same high standards, commitment to quality and work ethics. His bar is set high. Many is the occasion I’ve stumbled or in my mind failed in my reach for it; as often I’ve achieved it. The learning curve is steep and rapid. Not complaining. I love the challenge and acquiring new skills, practices and knowledge while satisfying a passion for cooking.

Anyway, food.

One perk of my job, where twice a week I wash dishes, twice a week prep cook, is the food. I eat better than I’ve ever eaten in the States and would eat at home — if indeed I cooked at home! (I don’t, main meals are at work.)

You’d eat there too if you saw and, satisfyingly, helped create the tasty morsels! (Some 90 percent is scratch, a high percentage in high-volume production indeed.) We’re talkin’ fine dining softened for the senior residents. Paul’s got a gift at pushing the culinary envelope and walking that fine line of creativity and satisfying residents’ preferences for bland, recognizable and familiar.

I’ve been meaning to post recent sample menus to tickle and tempt your palate:



I’ve worked in torture chambers and am in immense gratitude to (a) have a job and (b) enjoy my job and (c) have a great boss and (d) positive work environment.

It’s a new and novel experience, one of positive learning and challenges with one drawback, uh huh!:

Being that I need a second PT job, clearly it behooves me, before the button on my regulation black pants pops, to focus on potential employers like:


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. countrybydesign
    Dec 16, 2011 @ 20:28:18

    Sounds like a dream job!


    • allycatadventures
      Dec 16, 2011 @ 23:48:39

      @cc- a dream job for one whose purpose is food service or for whom a job is just a job. I’m in neither category. It’s a menial job better than the average and neither a dream nor career.


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