into the night…

I hunger for intelligence in the world, knowing all the while that it cannot be.

Perhaps I’ll expound on today’s events later; probably not.

I shall now only write that I can envision a time when I’m done with the foibles, trivialities and stupidities of mankind and retreat into intelligently-designed seclusion.

I hunger for a home. I need only my tribe and animals and the place that is of and for me. I beg for a space where I can write my books in peace and be free.

I despair for the intelligence of society and mankind, which only fuels further my drive to do what I came here to do and be done with it.

Then enjoy the last of my life and go home. Never to return to planet earth.

I love life itself. It’s people (with exceptions) who ruin everything.

You can carve THAT into the headstone (I won’t have) and smoke it!

+ + +

Woe to the intelligent, gifted and the different for they walk alone in their time despised and shunned and cast aside.
Peace be to them for their woes are of the ignorance of man.


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