on sandals, snow and soleful solutions

When it comes to shoes, I’m totally non-girly.

Firstly, I hate wearing shoes. (Interestingly, so does my sister, as discovered later in life.) Always have. My mother tells the tale of a time when I was a toddler trying on shoes and lay down on the store’s floor and threw a tantrum. (And my tantrums weren’t lightweight! She was mortified, I was miserable, some things never change!)

Bare feet all the way, baby, all the way!

And if not bare feet, then minimalist footwear, like zoris, sandals, socks, moccasins.

Outside the home, a shoeless lifestyle ain’t exactly practical or doable for reasons including this sad reality outside the window:

In terms of winter footwear, I’m this prepared:

Not that I’ve not lived in snowy country in recent pasts. Idaho: yes. Japan: yes. Utah: yes, albeit with only trace accumulations in town.

Thus far I’ve managed without snow boots. Colorado, however, looks to be an animal of a slightly different color: white white and white — as exemplified by this sad sorry sight out my window:

My introduction to local snowfall is intense, vivid and memorable, having fallen on the night the locks were changed.

When I’d left that morning for job orientation, my sweatshirt jacket and fabric clogs were sufficient.

When I’d returned to knock on the door, traipse the house perimeter, scale a tall fence, using a neighbor’s BBQ as stepladder, to check the back door and through my basement bedroom window on whether things were still there (couldn’t tell) and venture to and from police stations, I might as we’ve been barefoot! Fabric clogs and sweatshirt jacket do not suffice in a Colorado snowstorm!

By the following morning, in the parking lot of the cheap motel, I was digging my Subaru out from under a foot of the white stuff.

In those same fabric clogs and sweatshirt jacket!

And bare hands!

Welcome to winter! – unofficially.

That storm on the lockout brought home {ahem} a fact about Colorado snow: It may not arrive every day. When it does, it falls fast and it falls hard. Nuthin’ subtle about the Colorado white stuff!

My shopping list reads like this:

3. Dislikes shopping in general.
2. Hate pants shopping.
1. Loathes shoe shopping.

Alas, my footwear begs for an addition for the season. The sum of my day-to-day footwear totals: 3 pairs. And one of those pairs barely made the Slash-and-Giveaways cuts in Tacoma!

In fact, I remember very consciously weighing whether to allow ’em into the minimalist load. They survived for their comparatively heavier soles and on the thought that I might need ’em and lack the money to buy a new pair.

Once again foresight wins the day!

They’re sports shoes! They don’t cut it on the ice or a path through a foot of flakes!

It’s clear I’m gonna hafta do somethin’ about it, probably today. Somethin’ I just hate to do:


Ugh ugh ugh! (Ugg?)

Angels don’t fail me now!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. fotografzahl
    Dec 05, 2011 @ 14:44:11

    Now I know what’s behind the “Barefoot Blogger” thing. 😉
    Originally suspected it has something to do with Chinese Barefoot doctors…


  2. inaformerlifeanexpat
    Dec 06, 2011 @ 03:26:32

    I’ll take shoes over frost-bitten feet (which I have) anytime.


  3. inaformerlifeanexpat
    Dec 07, 2011 @ 05:20:00

    Careless when a teen, stayed out too long, feet got wet, put then in hot instead of luekwarm water. When it gets bitter cold, the toes ache and no amount of socks really help.


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