Housing hells take a hiatus

I didn’t wanna go home yesterday.

(Shocker! How often have those words been spoken?!)

I didn’t wanna go home ‘cause I didn’t know what kinda home waited.

It was either a home as I’d left it at 6:30 on that dark snow-cloaked morn.

Or a home jam-packed with stuff and a fairly immature whining man camping on the couch.

Last I’d heard, Daniel’s (Daniel = house owner) brother Zach — “poor desperate homeless” Zach — was to move in that day. (“poor desperate homeless” Zach = NOT but that’s another post on brotherly dysfunction.)

I was to move to make room for the brother. I was to move on nine days’ notice by text message.

Well, on this latest lap through Housing Hell, I did my homework, including talking with someone versed in tenant-landlord laws.

As I’d suspected, nine days’ notice violates legal requirements. Moreover, instruction to vacate by text message does not a legal document constitute.

So I held her steady as she went, Honorable Law my copilot, so when I contacted Daniel on Nov. 30 with December rent, he was more than taken aback for in his mind I was outta there the next day.

Uh, no. I referenced tenant-landlord laws.

He responded, exasperated and pissed, that I was, quote, playing hard ball.

I didn’t budge.

And he couldn’t eject me — not legally anyhow — onto the streets.

After that, he boned up on the law and arrived a few hours later with proper notice.

Accepted my rent. Returned a receipt.

All above board and on the up and up, which is all I’d wanted in the first place.

That and a little respect, which, in the absence from a human being is why we have laws.

And the brother, the poor desperate Zach who was in such urgent need of a space {coughcough}, did not appear with all his stuff for rent-free smooching after all.

(Plan was for him to take over my room and when that fell through then the living/dining rooms).

So yahoo and yippie-kai-yey and thank the Lord for small miracles!

I was so NOT looking forward to having a Slouch Potato in residence … the TOTAL change in housing dynamic … the mess of two slob bachelors … stuff crowding out the little floor space.

The whole shebang smelled fishy rotten.

I am for helping someone in TRUE need; this wasn’t that; this was enabling, layer after layer of dysfunctions and enabling.

So last night after work (god I love writing that!!!!!!!), after happy-hour pints to celebrate the snow and man up for negative home changes, I entered with dread and rejoiced to find all as last seen it … still, uninterrupted.

That was the sonic boom you heard last night, that exhalation of relief.

And unless something shifts between now Dec. 30, I’m still moving. This time in the proper manner.

Which was ultimately my goal.

I called upon the law and the law won.

In this round.

RE: the Rampager who changed the locks, I spoke with someones about that too. Legally it’s cut ‘n’ dry case of illegal eviction.

Best I can do is small claims court and even then (a) a small sum for emotional duress is questionable and (b) collecting in a favorable judgment is no given.

I know. I’ve been through small claims (and known others who have). Never did collect a dime.

So for this moment housing is in a state of pause and status quo … for 10 minutes as the search for new digs continues.

Wonder whether ever will come a day when Change of Residence won’t be the topic d’jour month year …

S’long from snowy Colorado.

{View from the living/dining window where I blog, with the magnificent Rockies (squint!) in the background, a space that would’ve been consumed had Zach the Slouch Potato arrived. Any wonder I don’t wanna move?!}


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Raymond
    Dec 02, 2011 @ 17:06:21

    I dislike being stoopid. Yet I will admitt to ignorance. I thought you lived under the heart lifting grey skies of Ta-fucking-coma? The sky in the photos appear to have been made when God was in a good mood. Honestly, I don’t know what HE was smoking when HE made the weather in Washington.

    Reckon I gots some catching up to do… 🙂


  2. allycatadventures
    Dec 03, 2011 @ 09:39:08

    @Raymond – It was exactly five months (as of tomorrow, Dec. 4) and some 1,400 miles ago that Tacoma and the miserably dreary gray Pacific Northwest retreated in my rear-view mirror. It’ll take you a good long read to catch up on, simply, the blog-worthy highlights. It could be said that the Intense Stagnation of the Washington/Tacoma has been replaced by equally Intense Upheaval in a full-on train wreck, I mean 180-degree shift. You’ve missed a lot. 🙂


  3. lexiemom
    Dec 03, 2011 @ 19:42:23

    Good for you!!! And at least you won’t be homeless through the holidays! Happy hunting…again.

    BTW, I like the snowing background. Nice effect.


    • allycatadventures
      Dec 03, 2011 @ 21:08:20

      @lexiemom- ‘And at least you won’t be homeless through the holidays!’ ya know, that’s a very sad statement…when not being homeless at the holidays becomes noteworthy…a painful and poignant reminder of others’ capacities to throw another’s life into disarray and exhaustion. Homeless or not, I’ve still been booted out of my home, one where I wish to remain. Better than homelessness? Yes. Yet I remain on so many levels homeless.


      • lexiemom
        Dec 07, 2011 @ 13:47:16

        That was not meant as a flippant or insensitive comment. I do try to see the good in any situation. Having a roof over your head is no small thing, even when it is tenuous. And I can think of few things sadder than to be without residence during Christmas. (Although I am suddenly reminded that the Lord Jesus had to be born in a barn.) Though it may not be ideal, I am glad you are sheltered at least for now.
        I realize it is cliche, but “home is where the heart is” does have significance here. You have no home, but you are not homeless. The home will come when the heart finds the comfort & friendship you seek. God’s blessings to you.


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