Housing and work and Mercury retrograde, oh my!

Rare is the morn where I awaken to a sombering* flat heavy gray cloud cover in Denver.

(*not a word – until now.)

I pay it no mind. It shall pass within hours or a day. Gray clouds here do not portend days and weeks of unceasing gloom and cold dampness.

This is not the Pacific Northwest.

Still, 4-1/2 months into Colorado and nary a day passes that I don’t greet, embrace, honor, appreciate and adore the sun and the bright blue clear skies that are Colorado.

It’s a good morning to write tucked amongst the bedcovers in tamed disarray. The ashen overcast passing through … a day off .. time to myself where I’m not charged and pressed into activity, which equals a tireless search for housing.

And an exhausting endeavor in Denver it is too on craigslist, one rife with futilities and frustrations and reminders that we are no longer a society where consideration, courtesies and simple manners prevail.

Into yesterday’s late hours did I research roommate rights, tenancy laws and local agencies to assist in legal action against the (Rampager) roommate who changed the locks and, possibly, my current house owner whose violations of housing law are less heinous but no less also cause for pause.

In the case of the woman who changed the locks, the law is unequivocally in my favor. I shall proceed with prudence, caution, thoroughness and only with legal assistance.

Many is the occasion I’ve thought that one cannot force another to be regarding and respectful. In their absence, the law serves to provide it. One can no more legislate respect and regard from another than against stupidity.

I’m learning sooo very much from this trek through chaos, upheaveals and debris of others’ misdoings, not the least of which is that individuals/tenants do have rights even in the absence of a lease.

I am not compelled, however, to teach others via a how-to instruction manual or penned exposes on housing abuses/violations and legal actions.

I teach by who I become as a result of these extremely trying experiences. Which is not to suggest that methodologies are unimportant. They are very important and if ever I can serve another in Housing Hells with an informative “here’s what you can do,” I do so in high pleasure.

In teaching, those “how-to skills,” however, are secondary to teaching by who I am and become and the ways I move through the world … the deeper stuff beneath the surface.

In brief, it’s terrific when others learn from what I know; it’s joyful when they learn because of who I am.

Anywho, enough philosophizing for now …

There’s more to the housing story than has been told thus far … elements that support staying put for the moment rather than obliging the bullying “request” by a prick house owner for a rapid uprooting.


My current job is in a distant SW corner of metro Denver.

I don’t do long and stressful commutes. Period. I definitely do not do them in U.S. sprawling metros. Residential choices are highly dictated by work location.

I’m awaiting now the outcome of an interview, I was told, by week’s end.

I’ll take the offer. That workplace is — you guessed it — nowhere near my current job site, which also dictates my (current imposed) housing search.

A move to accommodate present job could in one short week end up a costly and regrettable one in terms of money, energy, lifestyle needs, visions and more.

Speaking of more, there is. The job, if it comes through, could also considerably expand my housing options, including possibly {wait for it … wait for it} liberating me from the Wheel of Roommates!

Possibly my own space again!! Oh the jubilation! The glee! The … I’ll spell it … R-E-L-I-E-F.

So the door may be opening to work and housing much improved, simultaneously. But ssssssh, don’t speak it loudly … not yet and not during this Mercury retrograde.

So you see, there’s a universal wisdom in keeping me put for the moment and delaying relocation until key and potentially life-changing unknowns are unveiled.

And simply letting house owner Daniel throw his hissy bullying self-serving fit.

With no regard for (housing) law or me.



5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Flamingo Dancer
    Nov 28, 2011 @ 16:27:12

    I am so hopeful things are going to improve for you very shortly. Best wishes!


  2. longeyesamurai
    Nov 29, 2011 @ 04:50:05

    Wheel of Roomates could make for an interesting reality show…


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