All play and no work make Jack a discombobulated boy

What’s everyone doing this day of Thanksgiving in America?

Me, I was supposed to work then due to a screw-up by my boss I’m not. I WANTED to work. I wanted to be doing things constructive and keep busy, it helps to keep my mind off other matters.

So when I was told yesterday not to come in after all, I was disappointed and nearly begged for a way to make a shift happen! No could do.

So I’m a free agent this holiday. I hardly know what to do with a free holiday! Be the workplace a newspaper, warehouse or retail, some industries never rest and where there’s no rest is where you’ll usually find me.

Thanksgiving is traditionally a day for family and friends. Well, my family’s many miles away and I’ve no real friends yet in Denver. So yeah, I’d rather be working. It’s normal; it’s what I do and know how to do. This day off sucks! 🙂

So instead of the workplace I’m going to potluck of some 150 to 200 strangers. I kid you not! The food alone’ll feed a third-world country for a month and the alcohol will surely flow flow flow.

I’m reminded that I’ve not drunk nearly enough these past months to assauge the stress, anger, frustration, grief and terrors through these continuous residential storms and upheavals and changes to my life wrought by, let’s face it, the meanies and inconsiderates of the world.

Today is an opportunity to rectify that deficit.

And why not?! I’ve had four-going-on-five residences in the past four months. . What’s some time in the county jail?! They’d probably be happy to have me and I could use the rest and stability.

Plus the post office would finally know where to find me!

A blessed and safe Thanksgiving to all.


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