The game ESPN won’t air in Denver

In Denver, it’s Broncos all the time.

Presently the (crappy) Broncos football team is putting the bad on the (as crappy) Kansas City Chiefs .

There’s another game underway some 600 miles away. Let’s pause to cut in on the action over in Denver, Colorado, where the Cats are roughing up the Lions, Bob.

B: Let’s, Frank.

F: Atticus of the Cats is coming up from the sides. He’s maneuvering. He’s focused. He’s ready. That’s some stealthy action.

B: Indeed it is, Frank. That’s natural talent we’re seeing. The Lion’s no lightweight in stealth. Seems he’s met his match today.

F: Atticus goes straight for the head. Now that’s strategy, solid strategy. Pulling that initial punch puts the other team at an early disadvantage.  Throws off their thinking, their game plan.

B: You’re right about that, Frank. Disorientation can do a number on a team.

F: He springs for the ear … now right back over to the head. He means business. Ouch! The Lion’s losing this battle awfully early:

F: Let’s get a close-up replay of that last play. Vicious. Those teeth are weapons, Bob.

B: Ouch is right, Frank! You can hear the helmet crack with that bite.

F: Looks like Atticus has declared victory! That’s gotta be one of the shortest matches on record …

Oh wait … wait just a moment! It’s only a timeout. He’s regrouping! He’s doubling down his efforts! Will nothing hold Atticus back?!

B. He is one fierce fighter. He’s not satisfied if his opponent’s knocked down. He wants his lights out!

F: Seems so, Bob! Look at him go for the arm … straight into the tendons, I bet.

F: And the leg. Look at that clutch! That’s what you want. Demobilize your opponent. The Lion’s gotta be feelin’ the pain …

B: Pain’s part of the game. Fortunately the medics are on the sidelines ready for those worst-case injuries …

F: From the looks of it, the Lion’s gonna need a timeout and a stretcher. Atticus isn’t giving him a moment’s rest.

B: He’s quick, he’s fast, he’s furious and he’s fiesty. That’s a tough combination to overcome. Perhaps only the Oakland Raiders are up to that task. Look at him go! On the face! The Lion’s gotta be beggin for mercy!

F: I sure would be! The full-frontal attack’s a tough one to bounce back from, Bob.

Now … oh, good grief! Atticus launches the final blow, the groin injury. He’s out for the kill. That has GOTTA hurt!

B: It does, Frank. Real bad. It’s over for the Lion. That last play … the G play it’s called … it’s decimating. I’ve seen teams recover maybe only a half dozen times in my 15 years of announcing. It’s lights out for this Lion. He’s done. Toast. A carcass for the buzzards basically. He’ll be lucky to paw his way off the field.

F: Not so fast, Bob. It’s a comeback! Looks like the Lion got the wind knocked outta him but he ain’t lost his roar!

B. Amazing, simply amazing, Bob. That’s sheer will to live right there!

F. Sure is. That was one brutal attack. The Lion survives to play another day … after some rest and painkillers, we hope. Now let’s return to Kansas City where the Denver Broncos lead the KC Chiefs 10 nothing …

B: Whoa! Two back-to-back miracles in a day! God may’ve rested on Sunday but not these teams! Some pretty impressive sports this Sunday, eh?

F:  Uhhhh huuuuuh. Too early to predict but those Cats could tame those Wild West Broncos.

B: You got that right, Frank, you got that right …




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  1. Anonymous
    Nov 18, 2011 @ 15:16:43

    That is one cute freakin kitty!!!!!! Is he a Russian Blue?


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