hoodoo that witchery like they do

‘Tis a Halloween I won’t soon forget.

Not because of the dusty spider webs lilting in the corners gripping the remains of papery half-eaten moths.

Not because of the witch in my kitchen stirring up her concoction of midnight bat wings, talkative toads, decrepit caterpillars the size of bottle brushes and fungus-filled mushrooms for flavor and medicinal purposes.

Neither for the vampire whose fangs are sunk into my neck (aaaaaahhhh!) or the candy corn marking the trail through the woods to batty grandmother’s house we don’t go, not on the spookiest day of the year!

No, I shall remember this Halloween for reasons unhaunted and clearly exposed behind the veil.

I’ll remember it as the day that I had in my trick-or-treat bag, along with the Three Muskeeters chocolates that were always my favorite in childhood, not one but two job possibilities!

Yes indeed, something floated my way this morning, something I didn’t expect in a hundred years of decaying flesh and crooked bones and DNA exonerating the convicted killer. Too late! He met his Maker at the gallows 200 years ago.

An offer from Colorado Springs. The town to which I traveled 120+ RT miles last week for an interview, you regular readers shall recall.

A job at the Air Force Academy, a centerpiece of the Springs for those unfamiliar, as a member of the cleaning team with the private-sector contractor.

It is full time. Incredible! Good pay. Earth-shaking! With bennies. What the hell are those, it’s been so long! (more than seven years, to be exact) With an employer I really liked upon interview. Right on! Right on!

It’s everything that sets my life right and onto a path of recovery.

So why do I sit here waiting like a horny toad on a waterlogged log?

I’m waiting for a call from the man in charge. He alone can answer my questions – and I have a few.

For the rub on the slimy toad’s belly is this: Tomorrow is my orientation with the seniors facility. (If that’s news to you, read the prior post.)

And day after tomorrow I begin training. At a great place. With great people. With unpredictable PT hours. For a low wage. It’s food service. What more to say?

I said to a friend that God has some wacky sense of humor. An amazing job offer — not career but a damn fine opportunity nonetheless — falls into my lap unexpectedly, without announcement or alerts or alarms. Precisely 24 hours before I’m to be at an orientation at another job.

Three years and two months and 10 days, give or take, after I was laid off and lost means to support myself.

Too friggin’ weird! And not a little spooky.

It IS Halloween, however, where the goblins with warty extended mishapped noses and horny toads and spirits from beyond and jack-o-lanterns aglow and a witch in the kitchen and a robed hierophant besotted by her strange cleverness at her side chanting in surreal universal song converge on this side of the veil to conjure up mysterious magic from ancient scripts decipherable only to those who travel comfortably between this side and that.

A most merry Halloween to all and to all a salted newt’s eye!


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  1. Anonymous
    Nov 18, 2011 @ 14:51:17

    Wow! Two job offers! That’s great! I’m behind in my blog reading, so what happened? Perhaps I should read on before asking that…


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