as the slaves were freed from Egypt, so I …

People, people, people … I’m having a day so blessed, so spector-tacularly blessed, I’m beside myself with joy and gratitude and relief.

In addition to receiving a second and lucrative job offer today, one that’d require relocation some 65 miles to the south, an offer worthy of contemplation, I received, quite unexpectedly, I assure you, a phone call from the head chef in the kitchen at the really nice seniors assisted living facility, which brought me aboard only two days ago.

Did I mention how much I already like the people at this place?! Yes I did. A handful of posts prior. 🙂

Without going into the details, he presented an offer that (1) secures me FT hours, liberating me from the uncertain and scanty PT hours of the original offer and (2) is a small bump up in pay.

With room for advancement and opportunities to wear even more hats than originally offered!

Because — I kid you not — they like me that much already! And I like them that much already.

And so it is on this very special and blessed Halloween that I am now secured an income and the hours that I needed to support myself. Not in style. Survival with room for a beer or three at a pub make the heart sing!

There’s more. Oh lordy yes, there’s more.

On this very same day of the witch so present in my kitchen, I received word from Sylvan. Regular readers might recall that I did some very PT tutoring for them in my former digs.

I’d been hoping and attempting to get back on with them here in Denver. Alas, all doors have been shut. “We’re fully staffed for tutoring,” I was told.

Until today.

Suddenly a slew of openings for after-school tutors arose. Suddenly, as if by force of supernatural magic and Halloween spirit, those doors flew open.

And the Sylvan supervisor and I are trying to arrange in our busy schedules an interview — for the tutoring begins next week!

So allow me to summarize. Today alone:

I get a great FT job offer at a distance …

On the eve of another job that I’m to begin tomorrow …

over which hangs worries and anxieties about the scant unpredictable hours and low pay …

until, because they’re so impressed with me, the chef takes it upon himself to call me with an offer expanding my tasks and roles and increasing/stabilizing my hours and pay …

while a tutoring possibility suddenly surfaces, potentially adding hours and income …

If you don’t believe in the magic and mojo of Halloween, for shame! The spirits are alive, oh yes they are!

And in one fell swoop in one single day, I’m now liberated to look for new housing and flee the ghetto and meanie rampaging roommate.

Good Lord I looove Halloween!!!!!!!!

(seriously. always been my favorite holiday, always will be.)

From utter despair and desperation and borderline homelessness one week ago to a shower of blessings and fortunes today …

Soooo much joy, I can cry!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. fotografzahl
    Nov 02, 2011 @ 07:35:15

    Wow! In German you’d call that a “Glückssträhne” – (lucky streak).
    I’m glad for you. 🙂
    I guess that’s the rise and fall of life – where there is a valley there must be a mountain. Enjoy the climb! 😉




  2. Anonymous
    Nov 18, 2011 @ 14:53:22

    Double wow! Can’t wait to read the next one & find out what happened…


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