The DMV ain’t just for drivers

Today I do it. Must do it.

Regardless of how flimsy, chaotic and unpredictable my situations.

Today I officially become a Colorado resident.

Rather, my car does.

Emissions test. Titling and registration. New plates. New driver’s license. Did I miss anything? All today.

Why not sooner? Why at deadline? I postponed and postponed it on the notion, since revealed to be silly, that I’d have a solid address — and employment — under my feet, preferable when official transactions and documents are concerned.

The mocking irony: I have neither! Sure as hell tryin’! though!

So life today is all about the Department of Motor Vehicles. The DMV. Also known in other spheres as Dang My Virtues.

As challenging and rotten times are, I can’t bring myself to a life of crime.



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