blogging on the late-night run

The clock nears 1 a.m., drawing my long day to a close.

Today I drove about 130 miles roundtrip for an interview that lasted 15 or 20 minutes. It’s not a career position, neither necessarily full time.

That’s how it is in this economy where abundance is found only in the scarcity of jobs. One travels a great distance for a chance of work.

For what it’s worth, I doubt anything will come of it. Just not feelin’ it, in part because of the huge number of applicants.

We the unemployed are like starving animals in fierce competition for even a scrap. Sad really. Really sad, so many so desperate and in need in America. A VERY changed country since 2008. Thank you, voters. {sarcasm}

In other news, I’ve been unable to get online at “home” for the past few days. The problem lies with my roommate’s computer; whether it’s a glitch or block or issue with her ISP or whatever, I dunno and I’m not going to broach the topic. I’ve had my fill of negative and hurtful attacks by female roommates lately (and still reeling from Marcy’s cruel action; two posts prior).

It’s safer to keep my distance and shoulder the burden — number 105, I believe it is — of leaving home for public Internet access than be subjected to another round of another’s irrational rampaging.

As a result, I spend veritably no time at home save to sleep, when and as I can.

I need to move.

I need to work.

I need … so much.

Now I need sleep. Good night.


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