random whatevers

Drunken blogging is a sport for which I’m suited.

I’m only a tad tipsy from the cheapest crappiest beer on tap. Unemployment and poverty honor no boundaries of the lover of beer and spirits.

I’ll write in the style of stream of consciousness, with no promise that, despite the happy hour, it’ll be happy.

+ I had two interviews yesterday, one for part-tiime walking of dogs, the other for full-time cleaning at an assisted living facility, a nice one.

+ Neither pays well. Each pays better than my present income: approaching zero.

+ Lord what I would give to work with words again. Seems like a very long time ago — and it was — that I did.

+ My bar has dropped dangerously low. I envy — no, not the right word — I yearn sorrowfully for the life that most Westerners would consider normal: a hoe that doesn’t change every 10 minutes, employment that is enjoyable and reflective of true selves. Not suggesting everyone has that, only that what so many take for granted is a huge stretch and reach for me. Like work you love and cohabitants that don’t hate your guts. Rambling …

+ My search for new and quick housing is tempered by the fact that I’ve no idea where I’ll be working in a week or two. My housecleaning job is nice — wonderful boss and company — but MINIMAL hours. Sometimes as few as 10 a week and, if lucky, a max of 2o-ish a week. Can you live on that? Didn’t think so. Why the universe demands that of me I have no idea.

+ I go home to sleep and nothing more. The hostile roommate’s in bed by the time I get home and gone by the time I get up. I can’t be upset by her eviction of rantings and unreasonable accusations. Par for the course with many, not all, females.

+ God lord this beer (Bud) is crap! However, it’s uber-cheap. Therefore I can’t complain, neither can I be satisfied as a beer afficionada.

+ My housecleaning gig is hard work. Really hard. Not complaining, only acknowledging. Fucking bad destiny, I miss using my mind at work at a level beyond menial/physical labor. I did not agree to come upon planet Earth to be stupid. Friends, family, loved ones would not describe me as stupid.

+ A wasted life is not a life worth living.

+ Viewed a room in a tiny but very clean apartment today. Ultimately where I secure employment will dictate where I live in sprawling Denver. Both had better happen pronto ’cause roommate is a bitch who wants me the fuck gone. Though I did nothing wrong. Gotta love the demented women who make life miserable. Otherwise, for what purpose would animals have been put onto the planet? 🙂

+ Alcohol cures what ails. Doesn’t remove the toxic females. Does make ya determine to be a male in the next lifetime

+ That’s all.


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