cuffs, a crown and cherry pits


No worries, it’ll make sense shortly.

I’m looking for a room in handcuffs.

(I, not the room.)

I’ve been scouring the housing ads on craigslist feeling really down.

I realized why. At 20 hours a week food-service pay, I can’t afford anything!! Nothing. Nada. Zip.


I must be out in two weeks. I dare not dilly-dally seeking new digs. Regular readers will recall that it took three weeks of ferocious looking to find this place — a search disturbingly difficult not for of the dearth of lodgings but responses.

Having discovered this peculiarity unique to Denver, I’m the wiser and no more the fool.

So as I look for housing that I can’t afford in a town slow to respond with the clock ticking … it’s hard.

Then there’s the matter of work.

I’m at 20 hours a week @ food-service wage. If and when the hours will be raised to that magic Scrape By 35 is impossible to predict. It won’t be tomorrow or next week or in time for new digs.

Conceptually, even at 35 hours, it’s still a real struggle.

It’s clear that a second PT job is needed and imperative that it be secured this week, for many reasons, not the least of which is the impending move in less than two weeks.

So I”ll be pounding that craiglist job section and streets hard again this week for that.

Add to the pressure cooker and ticking clock is the matter of the molar, recently root-canaled. Its final restoration, including a new gold crown, MUST begin this week. The risk of reinfection is high, particularly the tooth remains uncapped and exposed

How I’m gonna manage that on scant income and no insurance. Robbery looks better every passing moment!

I’m profoundly overwhelmed and really strugling. Right now life ain’t no bowl of cherries, it’s the pits.

No one dare say hang in there, lest you be hanged by your toes over the vat of pits. I’m in no mood for cliches or trite. Consider yourself warned!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. trailblazer1
    Oct 02, 2011 @ 15:58:41

    It may not be your bed of roses, but what about renting a room in someone’s home? My daughter can’t afford to keep her house alone, so she rents rooms to guys in the military only. You might find a room, own bathroom and a compatible landperson, hopefully one who has never been in handcuffs, unless so desired.
    Good luck – watch out for weirdos on Craig’s List.


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