Tidbits from the Miscellanea Stack

Wanna Bet?!

Lemme play bookie.

I’m takin’ bets on whether potential employer Posh Maids will come through with a telephone response (context: posts prior).

Would I take the bet? Hmmm, possibly, only on condition of no time frame; otherwise, I’d save that bet and pay a bill instead.

Before and After Shots

Moving is work, no matter how little or much stuff you have. It makes the List of 5 Top Stressors for reasons — by which count, with my some 40 moves, I should’ve keeled over from a heart attack years ago!

The upside of looking for new digs (AGAIN!) now compared to two months ago when I arrived is that I know Denver much better. Note: Not well. Better.

Before, in reading streets names cited in craigslist housing ads, they might as well’ve been in Latvian.

Now for the most part they mean something. My orientation is improved, some key geographical reference points now established. Those smooth the housing search and speak to much I’ve learned by being hopelessly lost, turned around and reduced to frequent vigorous bursts of profanity or sobs driving the wide distances and innumerable streets of Denver in these short two months.

The GPS is my god.

My new digs will primarily be determined by a single factor, an Unknown, a Big Ol’ Question Mark Still to be Answered: employment.

Employment location and wage will dictate neighborhood and rent affordable. This really is two-pronged total change under way  — firstly, from status of longtime (3-year) unemployed to employed and secondly, in abode/address.

I always tell friends and family to pencil in any new address. I’m tempted to tell the post office likewise.

Does She or Doesn’t She?

Old-timers will remember that hair-color product commercial on TV. Late last night an email arrived asking whether I’m available tomorrow at X time or  Y time for an interview.

I immediately emailed; as of yet, with approximately half the day gone, I’m still waiting to hear when she wishes me in!

For a thousand and one reasons I can’t WAIT to shed this state and status of unemployment! It is so profoundly exhausting and stressful. I so want to have this chapter completed and a new one begun. I’m tired. Bone tired. I truly am. I wish years of unemployment and job-searching on no one.

Just Because

I’m as politically incorrect as they come and a lil’ humor in a day never hurts.

Q: How many people does it take to bury a Puerto Rican?
A: Five. One to lower the Puerto Rican, and four to lower the radio.

Q: What would your call it when an Italian has one arm shorter than the other?
A: A speech impediment

Q: Why aren’t there any Puerto Ricans on Star trek?
A: Because they are not going to work in the future either.

Q: What is the title of the new Vietnamese cookbook?
A: 100 ways to wok your dog.


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  1. longeyesamurai
    Sep 21, 2011 @ 05:12:24

    Let’s hope at least one of those stressors have been dealt with by the time you read this…


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