To err is human. But it still sucks.

A one-two … eins-drei … uno-dos … ichi-ni … en-to punch.

Don’t Leaf Me Out!

Bay leaves!

Two bay leaves! Ack!

I knew I was forgettin’ sumthin’ yesterday while posting the split pea soup recipe. Some spice. I sat ‘n’ sat staring at that screen shaking my brain to remember.


Then it spontaneously dislodged seven hours later during an evening stroll. BAY LEAVES! Deux. Recipe complete. Error fixed.

Beehold the Errrors of Our (Her) Wayss!

A finished post ain’t necessarily. Not infrequently I revisit my posts to rewrite, tweak and correct errors not caught.

Oh I had a field day yesterday reviewing the Don’t Do Dental post of two days prior! Every fifth sentence wore some silly or stupid flaw.Because I’d gutted the original for an improved version live online, fingers flying, and didn’t pause to read or edit before pressing publish.

So I’ve chuckled and cringed at the state of mind and writings warped by the week’s dental doings. Then I promptly set to correcting those glaring errors, muttering ouch! ouch! ouch! with every barefooted step along that strip of nails.

Errors occur for a variety of reasons (no delineation required, only a stated recognition of where, for me, the likelihood is greatest).

I do not like finding mistakes in my work, (particularly when pronounced as in said post). Mistakes have made publication before and will again. Unfortunately, those that have made newspaper headlines, literally, weren’t of the sort to make the funny pages. Even best efforts to prevent or strike them down with a red pencil return not certain success.

When they’re discovered, I cringe. I wince. I may even grimace. I wonder where was I when that piece was written or edited.

The outlook for imperishable perfection is grim – for the human species and my work both.

Boils down to this: Never is the seat as sore as when it is your own hitting the ground in the fall reaching for the high bar.

To err is human all right but man it sucks!


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