Denver’s gone to the dogs.

All things dogs. And some cats.

That’s the theme of the pet expo yewsterday in a huge warehouse in an industrial corridor of metro Denver.

Admission’s free and dogs — on leashes, natched — are welcomed.

Vendors peddle all variety of wares and services for dogs, predominantly, and cats.

Natural biscuits presliced and frozen. Just pop ’em in an oven and bake. Comes in cheese or peanut butter. Both available for sampling by humans and dogs. I liked each equally.

Collars ‘n’ kibble ‘n’ clippings, oh my! Clippings as in for the nails, free.

There’s free heart checks by presumably a vet in said garb with a stethoscope. Pet portrait services. Essential oils and solves and  cooling vests designed for dogs in heat (of the environmental rather than reproductive variety).

There are tables offering information on puppy raising, rescues of black dogs, cattle dogs, Great Danes and others.  Info on low-cost spaying and neutering, home food delivery and microchipping. Rescue services and shelters and dog services for the blind.

All for an extremely good cause: animals

Then the assorted events. Since I’m a late arriver, I catch only the flyball competition and day’s finale, the costume competition.

Some 20 dogs in sizes ranging from chihuahua to shepherd compete for bragging barking rights. Dogs with owners attached circle inside the ring. There’s superman. The banana. The firefighter. The gardener. The boxer – literally and figuratively. The Web site. The princess. The sled-puller. The seaside lifesaver.

Winners are selected by applause evaluated by two young women capable of discerning levels differentiated by a single clap. So  it was said.

All dogs are winners in my eyes. However, the one best costumed in my view is the poor canine garbed  in a bunch of purple balloons and artificial green vines — comes in second.

The crowd-pleaser’s the gardener canine with two brethern bulldogs dressed in daisy costumes along for the ride in a wagon pulled by human. Theirs was the easiest gig of all.

Plenty of business cards and brochures are procured for moi; more plentiful are the treats snagged for canine cohabitants Tazzy and Rocco.

All in all, if pampering and lavishing love upon your pet is your nature, Denver’s annual pet expo is the place to be. If you simply love animals, there’s a place for you too.

I’m in the latter group. I’ve long dreamt of having a dog yet lifestyle does not permit. So I make no bones about getting my doggy/animal fix through others’ dogs.

It’s gratifying to be in the presence of so many who love and adore their animals. Just as gratifying to see are the donations jars for rescues and assorted animal aid stuffed with cash.

Yup, doggone gratifying.




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