Marlon’s in my face. And bustin’ my chops.

Make that inflamming.

The, uh, cheeky Marlon Brando look is not my preferred.

It is, however, one I’m accommodating.

Case in point: Upon today’s morning glance in the mirror, my feathers weren’t ruffled to view a jowly swollen-cheeked girl looking back.

In the four days I’ve had to chart the course taken by tooth, gums, cheek and jaw under fluctuating variables of antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and assorted home remedies, one conclusion is reached: Marlon Brando look is here to stay.

Until Monday at least.

Incidentally, I’m confidently predicting that Monday will not be the end. Further, I foresee two possible outcomes, each complicated and costly, and will proffer no predictions, only educated guesses and hunches, until the endo’s findings.

Back to topic. The discomfort, ditto. Here to stay. There’s no eliminating it. Like the swelling, it’s ever present and simply a matter of degrees.

Speaking of home remedies — over the years, I’ve read many a Web site, sampled fewer their suggestions — I tried a new one last night.

Mix equal parts baking soda and salt. Lightly dampen a cotton ball (in lieu of I used a small square of paper towel rolled up). Dip into mixture. Place between tooth and cheek. Hold as long as you can bear the taste — haha. Change often and/or keep situated overnight

Plenty of folks reported that the solution helped bring the gunk of an abscessed tooth to the surface for drainage or puncturing. Some described a burning sensation still much preferred over the agony of an abscessed tooth.

A handful went on to describe in detail puncturing with a pin or needle. Not your mouthwatering reading fare over dinner.

So I tried it — the salt/baking soda, I mean, not the needle.

I recommend if you do to have a spit cup at your side. The salt certainly compels saliva production and did seem to reduce slightly swelling along the gums — perhaps by a simple process known as dehydration. 🙂

Did nothing, however, to make my cheek appear any less Marlon’s.

Another remedy oft used  and favored by moi for flavor, medicinal properties and cheapness is garlic. Take a fresh clove, skin removed, slice lengthwise and place alongside ailing tooth between gum and cheek.

Be prepared for it to sting. Particularly if the root’s near exposure via absent enamel, cracks or severe gum recession. One of those I’ve got but am not revealing. 🙂

It was in Tacoma where this tooth started going bad. It was also in Tacoma where impoverishment and hardship took over my life.

Thus it was in Tacoma where I frequently napped the night away (a reference to the insomnia and sleep disorders that came with the apartment) with a couple of slices of garlic wedged against the molar, front side and back.

I can attest to its finer quality of numbing tissue. For that reward, you gotta push past the sting and keep it in place a good while.

Sure, like the baking soda-salt solution, it can leave the raw and sorta “pockmarked.”

But I’ve yet to read of any one in dental pain who wouldn’t trade that for some relief, even temporarily.

Like I said, I’ve experimented with and evaluated many more remedies during the 3-year descent of this molar. No reason to post them unless requested by someone in need.

The garlic’s worth mentioning. Over a plate of spaghetti. Put into a blender and sipped through a straw. After all, who can eat — or wants to — when a tooth’s bustin’ your chops.


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  1. longeyesamurai
    Aug 21, 2011 @ 14:40:48

    Your recent misadevntures reads like an horror movie with Corbin Bernsen…


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