random musings

A splash o’ that, a sprinkle o’ that. Sounds like a recipe for a margarita!

Sorry, guys, not this time, rather random musings on a summer Friday …

Welcome to my Nightmare

So sang Alice Cooper. Me, with a distance of 1,500 miles put between there ‘n’ here, not so much anymore. Reckon it’s safe to say that the deathly stagnation that had become Tacoma/WA is behind … and never to be again. Truly a completely new chapter and second chance at life have begun.

When not scrambling for a foothold in housing/domestic safety, I behold and drink in the positive and sweeping changes before me; my creation.

Perhaps it’s time that I took a moment to pause and (in a rare move) pat myself on the back (if for no other reason than no one else is! – ha! (?)). I’ve accomplished a magnificent goal, through the darkness and hardship of the past that I remember daily as one remembers intense suffering: with humility.

Today I acknowledge: my profound courage … fortitude … patience … and will to survive. It is for these that I’m here today. (here = alive on up)

Whooooo. Whoooooo is Calling?

Well, that’d be me. This night owl was wide awake ’til the wee hours on insomnia. So I listened to late-night radio. Happened to be the monthly psychic program so I called in. I won’t air what she said (she who happened to be very good, btw) … only that I’ll know in short order whether a prediction comes to pass … in which case I’ll share; until then, I’ll say no more except it’s positive. 🙂

Eeny Meeny Miney Moe

With the plethora of microbrews on Colorado shelves, how does one pick? Picking an activity isn’t much different. There’s SO much to do in and outside of Denver!

Tomorrow for example. Will it be the Brews and Blues street fair on historic Old Pearl Street? An afternoon of Scrabble (which I love)? Or a gathering of offbeat folks like myself who are into astrology?

Honestly dunno (and scheduling disallows all three)!

If you’re bored in Denver, it’s for one reason: You’re unable or unwilling to get out!

Color Me Blue. Please! Oh Pretty Please!

If you’ve ever been starved for food — I mean truly starved, skeletal or Depression-era starved — and then offered a plate of food, you’ll have a sense/understanding of the profound gratitude, naked awe and appetite I experience in the presence of blue and sun. Each day is one of embracing with a fully open joyful heart and spirit.

I am replenishing. I am reaching. I am opening expansively. I am receiving. I am blue sky and radiant sun.

The Colorado sky is oh so vibrant … colorful … alive. Clouds come. Clouds go. They take on shapes and patterns that thrill, stimulate and instill peace simultaneously.

I am a child again, alive in a world of wonder, discovery and beauty. I post this simple photograph from the back yard because I can.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. longeyesamurai
    Aug 13, 2011 @ 14:15:13

    Nice to see that everything is falling into place and that Colorado’s finally agreeing with you!

    May the Sun keep’s on shining…


    • allycatadventures
      Aug 13, 2011 @ 14:36:43

      @Capra – Colorado agreed with me before I arrived. No harm in divulging now the many months of work and research done in narrowing down a fairly long list of candidate locations before deciding on Denver/Colorado. Number 1 starting place and guidepost on every step of the process: weather sites with all variety of stats, including number of sunny days a year. I wouldn’t be here were there the slightest chance that the weather — and more — wouldn’t agree with me. Here the sun does and will shine! — even if it briefly recedes: 300 sunny days a year. 🙂


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