debut hike, dead folks and a dog named Serious

I make {ahem} no bones about it.

I like dogs more than people. Dogs and animals in general.

So upon my arrival in Denver, I immediately went to to join doggie groups. I don’t have a dog and until I’m able to, I get my doggy presence and fix through others’ canines.

Heading west toward the Rockies, it doesn’t take long to leave Denver and the city feel and enter the grassy rocky infant foothills.

Which is exactly what I and about eight others and their dogs did yesterday morning.

We took an easy hike up to an abandoned ghost town, of which there are many many in Colorado, a booming destination back in the Gold Rush era.

Calling it a ghost town is a mighty long stretch. At one time Morrison hosted miners and a stage coach stop. What remains are, well, remains:

That’s the old cemetery, or rather what’s left of it. Little more than a handful of headstones, a few of rotted wood and a couple of stone dating to the 1860’s. (Love to speculate how they died; that’s just me …)

A cool tree just beyond:

The group of big dogs, and their people, diminished quickly as the sun crested above a landscape of minimal shade and water sources, leaving in time only moi and one woman and her dog, Serious.

(Seriously. Serious is his name.)

And one unnamed 5-foot-long snake who crossed our path … and while not a rattler in rattler country was immediately given the right-of-way:

At our end point, these slabs of jutting rock and foilage are richer in reds and greens than captured by the camera (the price of not having a filter). The earth and sky are so vibrant and alive in Colorado.

Serious welcomed the rest and what shade was afforded by a tree.

Frequent are the moments, as I continue to process and shed the Pacific Northwest, that I’m awestruck or brought into contemplation by my surroundings, not the least of which is how different my life is from just one month ago. (That’s another rich topic unlikely to make the blog but there it is in a nutshell.)

Colorado’s known for its stunning abundance and variety of wildflowers. I must make a day journey while summer’s here and the viewing’s good. A spot of purple on the trail:

Due to bad elbows and heat, on the return trip, Serious wasn’t as happy about the hike as we two humans. His relief and reward for soldiering awaited him by the car lot … a forested spot, cooling stream and gigantic water bowl all to himself!:

The weathered not-so-ghostly ghost patch of Morrison marks my first hike in Colorado as a resident; oodles to come. The agreeable climate has rekindled — in a big way! — a huge part of me shoved deep into the cellar by prior user-unfriendly conditions … the outdoorsy sporty tomboy who loooooooves motion and movement.

Colorado, why did I wait so long to come back to you?

The Sun. The Sun. The Sun. It’s all about the sun. Attentive readers will remember, as I do so vividly, those holy words from my Washington incarnation.

Oh have things changed for the better!

Serious thought so too when he took his plunge:



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. fotografzahl
    Aug 08, 2011 @ 03:41:45

    That must have been an interesting hike indeed.
    And great to hear that you are much happier in your new surroundings!


    • allycatadventures
      Aug 08, 2011 @ 14:01:30

      @fotografzahl – It was a very very mild hike in the scheme of things. Colorado’s got the Rockies and Continental Divide and more mountains 14,000 feet (4,267 meters) or higher than any other state, leaving no shortage of arduous adventures!


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