au revoir, mon motel

The motel run of three weeks comes to a close. As I sit sipping bad black coffee for the last time here, the words I’ve used before to describe the Denver, Colorado entry resurface:

It’s been a wild ride!

Yesterday brought a small pleasing occurrence. A phone call from the woman with whom I was to move in, asking whether we were still on.

“I left a message yesterday. You didn’t hear it?”

She hadn’t.

“Yes, I called to let you know I found another place that’s easier on the finances …”

“Have great day,” she said. Click.

The words were there but I don’t them she meant them by the curtness in her voice.

I’m glad we connected in the end and that it wasn’t the bail it initially appeared.

+ + +

I’m afraid to open my garment duffel bag! My wardrobe’s been tightly packed in there for a month! Yikes!

Anyone like to iron?!? Never much cared for it myself — though I’ve been doing it from the age I was old enough to reach the board and handle a hot iron.

Slave imprinting. Not gonna go there.

+ + +

Anyhow, I was thinking while pumping that bad motel coffee from the thermos: What would I tell people moving into Denver (those with no contacts or housing waiting).

I’d tell them to come with money or room on the credit card and be prepared to wait.

Not for a day. Or a week. But a month.

The words of the assistant manager, extended to me some five days after my own arrival, proved prophetic.

“I’ve seen so many customers come here expecting to find housing in several days. And two, three, four weeks later, they’re still here.”

I didn’t believe it’d happen — not with the effort and determination I was putting forth. And it certainly hadn’t in other places — and that’s one tall stack!

Yet Denver is peculiar.

“They do eventually find places?” I asked, seeking reassurance.

They do. In three or four weeks. I’m a statistical average. Not a hat usually worn. 🙂

+ + +

My next post will be from a place not the motel and likely the new digs.

Can’t help but wonder what adventure lies ahead.

Signing off from Room 122
Motel 6
Denver metro
Three weeks to the day of my arrival
Two days shy of a month after departure, July 4


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