wash that roommate right outta the hair!

I awake to a couple thoughts at the forefront of my mind.

Bailing on a move-in at the final moment without word is its own distinct low.

Per the prior post, that’s exactly what happened. The woman with the “closet room” and I had agreed to meet to exchange rent and key. In the final moment, she bailed, returning neither my call nor initiating.

There are occasions when human behavior leaves me stumped. Discouraged. Despairing. Deeply desiring my freedom back from planet Earth.

This is one such occasion. I’m stumped.

I’d have been a helluva lot angry had she bailed and left me with no shelter option two days before the motel exit. Fortunately that was not the case.

Fortunately an opportunity presented itself at the very last minute.

That nonetheless does not excuse Colleen’s behavior in my mind. It was discourteous. Disrespectful. Thoughtless. Unkind. Self-centered/selfish. And just plain not nice.

That about covers it.

+ +

I’m brought back to the one other time this happened. Tacoma 2007.

I was to move into a guy’s apartment Saturday. Meet him that morning to exchange money and key and move in.

I’d lined up the truck and helper via craigslist. I called and called and called and called the (planned) roommate. He neither answered nor returned calls. A total no-show. Never offered an explanation later.

Put me in a real bind. And all I could do was offer profuse apologies to the helper with the truck for keeping him on hold and stringing him along, not by intent, all day

Events/people like these make washing rentals and roommates outta the hair and owning one’s own home look mighty tempting and appealing!

+ +

In related news, with housing secured starting tomorrow, today’s my first “free day” in the three weeks in Denver.

What’ll I do with it?

Perhaps tour the U.S. Mint. {Scratch that; today’s tour is full and reservations are always required}

Perhaps the gold-gilded capitol building then?

Walk the earth in bare feet in one of the many city parks for grounding.

People-watch and pen in the journal with an iced coffee and rolled smoke beneath the shade of a cafe umbrella in downtown Denver.

Succumb to the temptation for a microwbrew. Of Colorado’s gadzillions, how does one select?!?

The day is mine to do with as I please. A day of rest in a 3-1/2-week whirlwind of motion, upheaval and change. One well deserved.

Tomorrow the move and start of stage II, the full-on search for employment.

Later, ‘gators.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. trayflow
    Jul 29, 2011 @ 14:51:18

    Let the living begin! So happy you found a place. Take a couple of days for yourself to breathe and enjoy. Let all of the negativity you have found along the way roll away…


    • allycatadventures
      Jul 31, 2011 @ 12:30:13

      @trayflow – “Take a couple of days for yourself to breathe and enjoy.” – I shall! Well, perhaps one days anyway. 😉 Relaxation does not come easily to this slavish workaholic. 🙂


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