patience as thin as paper, silence as shivery as stone

I don’t get it.

Honest to god from my heart I do not get it.

What is up with Denver craigslisters that they don’t respond?

It’s been two weeks of solid looking … responding to ad after ad after ad after ad, deep into the dozens, for room shares AND sublets (separate categories) … and a solid 98-99% do not respond.

Heck, I’ve even placed my own (seeking room) ad a few times, to no avail.

My own ad has yielded comparatively more nibbles, which is akin to saying that a pair of twos beats the single two in poker.

Take CJ. The woman who responded to my voice mail. Said we could meet the next day. I promised to call to arrange. I did. Twice. Left messages. Never heard back.

Then there’s Megan. The woman with the dog who approached me about a room. Nice friendly inviting message. “Email if you’re interested” she wrote. I did. On three occasions. Not even a whisper of acknowledgment.

Finally on the fourth time, I politely but firmly brought it to her attention that I hadn’t heard from her, which was odd considering that she had approached me. And that the lack of response was apparently a matter of emails not getting through, another reason or inconsideration and unless an explanation was forthcoming, I would assume the latter and withdraw my interest and consider it case closed.

Didn’t hear back. Surprise surprise.

I’ve no objection to calling craigslisters out on their poor behavior when the situation warrants. What have I got to lose? I’d rather be made aware of this aspect of character in a potential roommate before instead of after moving in.

Plus my thought is that the craigslister who responds with (for example): “You know, you’re right. You’re doing what’s right, seeing shelter for yourself, understandably … and I’ve been discourteous, inconsiderate, a jerk for not responding to your query to the ad that I placed” … that’s the individual with whom I wanna house-share.

Beautiful music to my ears but ain’t likely, methinks.

* *

Then there’s Mark.

Ironic Mark.

He responded to my new ad. An ad with a tone born of directness and frustration and designed to bypass this bullshit and hone in on the responsible and responsive potential roommates.

The ad reads:

Seeking an exception to the rule

And the Denver rule is No Response.

I’ve lived all over and never encountered such an unresponsive discourteous bunch as Denver’s craigslisters. It’s quite peculiar and after two weeks I have lost my patience.

So I’m now looking for the exception — a room share with someone who is responsible and responsive. Can be a temporary/sublet or not. I’m very clean, tidy, responsible and respectful.

I adore animals (though I don’t have one myself). I’m a young middle-ager, new to Denver/Colorado and enjoy a sense of community and companionship in the home as well as privacy and space

If you fit these criteria, please be different and reply by phone or email. Your courteous responsiveness will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you. {phone number}

= =

Mark responds. “I’ve got a room here and here’s my number.” I call. Leave a message. Now the next day and not a peep. The irony does not escape my notice.

* * *

Yesterday in the ongoing and fruitless efforts to secure housing, for two hours I drove up and down residential streets on the lookout for “Room for Rent” signs.

Pulled into supermarket parking lots, popped into cafes and one church, which was locked, to look for/at community bulletin boards.


My heart skipped a beat when my eye caught a flyer on a post in the parking lot. SUBLET. I zeroed in. For December last year. Oh.

I got back in my hot car (was around 98 yesterday) and vented.

Believe it or not, I’ve considered packing up the car (again) and heading elsewhere, like south to Colorado Springs. Various reasons keep me from doing so. I do not rule out leaving Denver down the road. Now does not feel like the time for it. After being bludgeoned and bloodied by Tacoma Lack, I need to be in a land of opportunity.

I need support from people. It’s not forthcoming.

My patience is thin as paper. All that’s growing is the debt of a motel room that I can’t afford, frustration and irritation. Wouldn’t yours mount too if you were doing your best, giving your all to a project every moment of every day and getting in return dead silence.

Not even a slammed door. A door slammed in the face would be a relief ’cause it’d mean someone was there on the other side.

Nothing. Nothing from Denver craigslisters.

I do not get it.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. countrybydesign
    Jul 22, 2011 @ 13:32:10

    I don’t get it either. Are the people who advertize rooms really looking for something else? Why bother placing an ad then not responding? Have you tried the paper? LaundryMat? Is there perhaps a low-income housing cooporation listed in the phone book? We have them all over the place here in MO. Perhaps social services or public health? They might be able to help with your tooth, if nothing else.


    • allycatadventures
      Jul 22, 2011 @ 14:47:49

      @cbd – No, they’re not looking for something else; it’s common discourtesy, which has replaced common courtesy. Yep, have tried the major paper as well as small neighborhood papers and freebies at cafes and so on, assorted bulletin boards, various online sites and, well, enough said, talking just angering and depressing me. As for the dental, thanks for the suggestion but proper treatment lies through other channels.


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