taking the laptop out for a final spin. {ouch. ouch. ouch.}

Things don’t take care of themselves …

… though I won’t lie, I wish they could.

Being poor means things don’t get done. They get neglected not for lack of conscience and awareness but lack of funds.

When I left Tacoma, I left free but with a long list of repairs. Not as long as Santa’s perhaps but damn long.

The repair list runs the gamut, from finances to body health to dental to auto to relationships to music system to telephone to computer.

All things broken or ill and needing costly attention.

And I’ve needed to prioritize for when the time comes that I can begin (afford) the process of repairs.

Clearly first is the diseased molar.

A toothache is not a toothache is not a toothache.

A diseased and painful tooth affects all systems, from body to psyche. And is VERY hard to ignore, as anyone who’s had an abscess or other severely sick tooth will attest. Sleep is lost, pain is constant, on it goes.

So the molar is a no-brainer priority.

From that, looking at the heap of rubble, one only asks, “Where do I begin next?!”

I think I have my answer. The computer.

I am NOT liking the way my laptop’s sounding lately. I recognize the sound. The low groan tired overreaching spin of a wheel.

The sound of a hard drive dying.

The CD drive zonked out long ago. That’s a repair that in the big scheme of things is low priority.

This laptop is a 2004/05. (Mac of course.) Hard drives die every three years or so. It was replaced in … well, about three years ago!

The problem is that my Mac is very old and has had no upgrades in speed or memory.

You’d laugh and roll your eyes if I exposed the memory. All right, I will just for kicks: 256 MB. And I’m still running on the old Power PC chip (since replaced by Intel).

Current systems are this far from mine:

pick two dots, any two dots

The need to step into the 21st century is pressing, for a variety of reasons. And with my hard drive in the throes of death, the question becomes: replace it and remain in the dark ages (and p.s. with the broken CD drive).

Or upgrade. Seriously upgrade.

Another no-brainer answer were money not an issue. Fixes aren’t cheap. New machines aren’t cheap. Short-term solutions don’t resolve longstanding problems

I’m worried about my laptop. I am. If it dies and I’m unable to repair it, as is the case currently, I’m toast.

That sound … oh that sound … that exhausted low rumble of a hard drive overworking and losing its spin … I’d rather listen to smacking gum on the bus …


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