there’s magic in the (Colorado) air

Spontaneous flares and affairs.

That’s how I’d describe week one in Denver.

While my housing and employment remain the big fat question mark that they were nine days ago when I arrived, I’m no less certain that I’m in the right place.

We’re definitely not in Kansas anymore!

Spontaneous flares and affairs.

Nothing’s going according to plan or precedent. Nothing’s been firmed up, made solid or put into place.

Yet things are popping in the most unusual way and usually daily.

Why, take yesterday.

I responded to a craigslist ad seeking food and beverage vendors for four days at the county fair.

I get a call. Drive to a new part of Denver where I’ve never been, sorta out in the boonies, to meet the guy at a cafe at 12:30.

Only he’s not there. Rather, doesn’t seem to be.

Meanwhile, another applicant is present and as baffled as I. We good-naturedly bemoan being stood up.

A small flurry of phone calls occurs.

Meanwhile, separately, the woman at the next table chimes in that she too has been stood up — by a friend.

Story short, woman waiting for friend and I get to chatting.

The interviewer is there, outside. And the exchange goes something like this:

Him: Tell me about yourself. Have you had food service experience?

Me: Yes. I’ve done this and this and this.

Other Guy: Have you worked a fryer?

Me: Oh yeah, I did some line cooking at a restaurant in a hotel.

Him: Are you available to work all five days?

Me: Yes, except possibly Saturday evening. That’s flexible though.

Him: All right, thanks for coming. I think we’ve made our selection …

All in a matter of 20 seconds!

I go back to the cafe where the woman stood up by her friend still sits. Puzzlement crosses her face at my quick return.

“That’s the fastest interview I’ve ever had in my life!” I laugh. “Like speed-dating. Super-sonic speed interviewing.”

I join her. Her friend never shows. And we end up talking for two+ hours!

She gives me her number. And I’ve made yet one more connection of several already made in Denver. In less than a week!

It was never like this in Tacoma/Washington! Never never never!

And that’s how I know — at least one of how I knows — that I’m in the right place. The welcoming and reception that I’ve received have been remarkable! Craigslist non-responders notwithstanding.

The air’s different here.

I don’t mean simply the obvious — the dry clean Colorado air contrasting the wet cold Puget Sound air polluted by the particulars of Tacoma.

Places and spaces and the people who inhabit them do differ. Vibrations from place to place and person to person do vary.

And it’s on that deeper (energetic) level that I know I’m in the right place. And out of the wrong one. Wrong in oh so many ways but we won’t dwell on that.

The past is complete. A new life and chapter are unfolding, moment to moment.

Speaking of moments, I had one today. More precisely, another.

A telephone call from a woman at a temp agency where I’d submitted my resume* an hour prior.

*My career resume, not my Lame Jobs Crap resume.

Her: I see you writing and editing and proofreading experience.

Me: Yes I do.

Her: We’ve been looking for people with your skills. Can you come in for an interview …

And so it is. Within approximately one week of Denver, I receive a meaningful nibble.

After three years of tearing my guts out for ANY work, ANY work at all, no matter how shitty and low-paying and beneath me, in Washington.

Another how I know I’m in the right place.

And that’s how it’s going. Spontaneous flares and affairs … encounters and connections and small occurrences and crossings, seemingly mundane and uneventful on the surface, all mysteriously working together, like a Grand Dot-Dot-Dot Design, to pull me into this great big place called Denver and provide that which I need.

Really quite remarkable.

Truly a very new and very different life opening and unfolding before my very eyes and hands.

I “only” have to listen … and act.

There’s magic in the air. The air of Colorado. And I am but the instrument, the magician.



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